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    My husband and I have just started a self-build project on the West Coast of Scotland
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  1. No, I haven't. Will do, thank you
  2. We're meant to be having PAVATEX 120 in roof and walls plus mineral wool. Just a bit shocked with the Pavatex prices.
  3. Thanks guys, yes Burton quoted £200 for the delivery. Still awaiting some other quotes.
  4. What would be a cheaper alternative to the PAVATEX insulation? Cheers
  5. Hi Can anyone recommend a reliable and well-priced supplier of CUPA heavy 3 slates for Scotland (to cover approx 132m2)? Thanks!
  6. Ola

    Hi everyone

    This must be an amazing place! We're north of Kintyre.
  7. Ola

    Hi everyone

    We used to stay on Skye for about a year, time ago... 15 years ago actually. In Broadford, loved it there. But were we are now is lovely too!
  8. Ola

    Hi everyone

    No, it doesn't, you are right. I'm coming to the conclusion that I will stay away from them, unfortunately (1k below others). Will try to negotiate with ADW (Rationel) and Nordan. Cheers
  9. Ola

    Hi everyone

    I really hope it is... With all the current changes I'm dreading what's going to happen to the material prices. We had unnecessarily procrastinated the start, awaiting some Brexit outcomes but now - there's no return😅 If I wanted to add some photographs here, where would be the best place to do it? Cheers
  10. I'm new to this forum and having been looking up some topics, I think it will be incredibly helpful in our self-build project. My husband and I have just started building a kit house in Scotland (Kintyre area). We are going to try and do as much as possible by ourselves. We are laying out Isoquick insulation raft next week - exciting! Making the panels after that. I'm about to order triple glazed aluminium clad windows - have been considering three quotes so far - from Nordvest (the most generous), Rationel and NorDan. Tempted to get the Nordvest but can't find much information on them (apart from their website) - perhaps you guys can give me some hints on that matter in terms of your experience - which make would you personally go with...? (Started a new content in the 'Windows' topic area). Cheers
  11. Hi Has anyone on the forum used Nordvest windows? They are made in Norway and have a hub in Perth. However, I can't really find much about them online. We have a self-build project running at West Coast of Scotland and received a reasonable 3g Alu-clad quotation from them (also had quotes from Rationel and NorDan but higher). Any experience with the Nordvest, please share. Thanks Ola