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  1. I have spoken with my building inspector over the phone for the first time, for my self build (detached 3 bed, built up area with houses all around). They have asked for my Soil Investigation Report. I did not think it was compulsory to produce a Soil Investigation Report for a single self build property? Do I need to produce a report if my inspector requests one? Or can I explain that it's not compulsory and provide a British Geological Survey map for my location? Any thoughts or experiences, thanks.
  2. Ah yes : o ) thanks for your help tonight. Very kind.
  3. Thanks for the help. I'm using full fill insulation using Cavity Therm. Is it possible to vent at ground level where the final main soil pipe runs out to the sewer? Or must the vent to atmosphere be at the end of the run where the rear bathroom is? In other words is it possible not to vent upwards where is rear external pipe is? Sorry real novice on this at the moment.
  4. Sorry my plumbing know how is not great yet. I will try and explain. It is the furthest / last soil pipe in the run so I'm told it will also extend up the wall minimum one metre past the windows, and I presume be ventilated at the top. Does that make sense?
  5. We have a 1st floor bathroom to the rear of our new build and we have decided to exit the soil pipe through the building envelope straight away at that point and drop it down the outside wall, rather than internally dropping through the living room. Apart from sealing around the exit hole for air tightness, should I insulate the soil pipe at all (inside or outside)? Will I be causing any big thermal / cold bridge doing it this way? Thanks very much.
  6. Hi everyone, may I have your opinions on my updated wall build-up (from in to out), thanks very much. - 3mm skim - 12.5mm plasterboard (fermacell (strength) / aquaboard (wet) where needed) - Battens for service voids (25mm - 50mm depending what services are running where) - Pro Clima Intello Plus membrane held against the wall by battens (fully and meticulously taped of course, this will envelope the entire inside of the building) - 100mm 7.3N Forterra Thermalite Aircrete blocks - 100mm full fill cavity using Cavity Therm by Xtratherm as it can achieve 0.2 U Value at this thickness - 100mm medium block - 15mm render
  7. Thanks guys. Just had a great phone call with the Green Building Store, very helpful actually. They explained that the Intello Plus membrane can be laid directly against the thermalite blocks (overlapping and taping all joints in the membrane of course), and the battens can then be used to hold the membrane in place against the wall. It's ok to screw through the battens and through the membrane into the wall as the batten pressure should create an airtight seal for the membrane screw hole, but I'll check this again at installation time because I can always add a qualified sealant around each screw to ensure at good seal at that time. So this is how my walls are made up so far, what do you think? 3mm skim for finish 12.5mm normal plasterboard 50mm battens for services void, and some extra insulation Pro Clima Intello Plus membrane held against the wall by the battens, this membrane will envelop the building 100mm 7.3N thermalite blocks 100mm cavity using Cavity Therm by Xtratherm as they can achieve under 0.2 U Value at this thickness 100mm medium block 15mm K Rend
  8. Thanks guys. The site is nearly flat (very slight slope from back to front). It doesn't really suffer from surface water, just gets a little wet during heavy downpours. The DPC should not be an issue. Do you think a slab would be better (I'm really in two minds)? I'm thinking with block and beam I can do much of the labour myself? Is block and beam much more expensive?
  9. I'm researching MVHR and airtightness. I'm not going for Passive House but buying into making the house airtight. We are using block and block with render. I believe wet plaster will make it airtight to a degree, but I'm wondering if using an internal airtight membrane to envelope the building (walls and ceilings with a cold loft) would be cheaper and actually better over time (cracking and all that)? The Pro Clima Intello Plus looks like a great product. Has anyone had experience with it? I have questions like: - Can Intello be installed directly against thermalite blocks? Or does there need to be a gap? - How would it install around the posi joists at the joints to the walls, using joist hangers perhaps? - I'd like to batten and plasterboard over the top of the membrane if possible, and run pipes / wiring behind the plasterboard. That way I can do most of the work myself. But how are battens attached to the blockwork through the airtight membranes? Screws? Anyone have experience / advice installing airtight membranes? Thanks.