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  1. @Nickfromwales thanks for taking the time to help 👍
  2. May I jump in and ask what's best to seal the end of the flexiduct/pipe after inserting the insulation? My supplier say to "seal the ducting with a non-petroleum-based product". Should I be using CT1 or expanding foam filler? Any links to specific product to buy would be very helpful thanks.
  3. Sorry yes? Basically I'm looking at what's best to protect the chipboard in the bathrooms. Some sort of DPM or tanking. Plan for bathroom finished floor is luxury vinyl tiles. May need to latex below them to make it nice and flat. But I believe latex can't be laid directly onto chipboard. Hence some sort of DPM or waterproof taking over the chipboard. Hope this makes sense. I'm a flooring novice so just starting on this for my new build.
  4. @Nickfromwales thanks, can these be used on my 22mm P5 chipboard flooring and under vinyl tiles such as Karndean or lino?
  5. May I ask, what would you use to tank? Products / brands? Thanks
  6. My new new-build is watertight. After getting watertight, I have then installed a mid-floor wall plate and posi joists at 600mm centres myself, all specified. Has gone well so far - dry, flat, neat, tidy. I'm planning to lay the entire upstairs sub-floor floor over the posi-joists and then partition the rooms on top. I have just purchased and had delivered 22mm P5 T&G from Wickes (Caberdeck) to install over the posi-joists. https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-P5-Tongue-and-Groove-Chipboard-Flooring---22-x-600-x-2400mm/p/164536 I am second guessing myself. Reading the T&G won't do well in the bathrooms over time (there are two, main and en-suite). Planning to lay Vinyl in the bathrooms, maybe Karndean or Amtico if I can afford. Should I have gone for Structural Plywood CE2+ 18mm? https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Structural-Plywood-CE2%2B---18-X-1220-X-2440mm/p/252240 So the question is P5 vs Structural Ply? Will the P5 do a good job? Prices are currently similar so that's not in question. I can exchange as only just purchased. Opinion please, thanks.
  7. @Simplysimon thanks unfortunately the process above needs to be completed and inspected before they will agree to start, it's on my paperwork and I have checked with their developer services, probably terms of their service.
  8. It's time to install the Utilities on my 3 bed detached self build. The house is up and water tight. Thames Water are the supplier. In preparation for Thames Water to do their external installation, starting at the boundary, I need to: - Dig our trench (750mm to 1350mm deep and minimum 270mm from other services). I can do this. - Lay the supply pipe (32mm MDPE on our quote). I can do this. - Insulate the supply pipe above 750mm. I can do this, just need to know best insulation to use? - Bring the supply pipe up through the flexi-duct (already installed through the slab). I can do this. - Seal the flexi-duct at both ends. I can do this, just need to know best 'non-petroleum-based' product to use? - Fit a suitable internal stop valve / double check valve / servicing valve / tap / drain off / stop end. Need a plumber for this. Questions, links to products would really help thanks, just in case the plumber asks me to buy the products: 1. Is there a typical / good insulation to use around the water pipe? 2. Is there a typical / good 'non-petroleum-based' product to seal the flexi-duct? 3. Any links to suitable internal stop valves / double check valves / servicing valves / taps / drain offs / stop ends so I can see what needs to be fitted at the end of the water pipe? 4. Any other comments which you think may help? I'm not ready to get into the big plumbing / heating install just yet. Just need this done so that Thames Water (and the other services) can get going. Thanks very much.
  9. @SteamyTea thanks for the reply. We are already up and water tight so may be a bit too far down the line for us. But will have a look in case it can help at all. Thanks again.
  10. @SteamyTea thanks for this question, we have all the SAP Assessment Reports, but haven't done any thermal modelling. Building Control haven't asked for anything like that. I'm doing my best to build a really warm airtight good spec house to live in. Sorry can you provide a little more info on thermal modelling? where I can look into it? why I would need it? is it expensive? Thanks.
  11. @Iceverge I saw your original message in my email notification. Yes fully agree with everything you say. If only I could do it all again = It's a very long story (won't bore you). Airtightness should be excellent at the boundary. Am adding insulation inside to lessen cold bridge effect. Again it's a very long story...!
  12. @ruggersSimply going to put 200+mm insulation between 9by2s and then another 200+mm over with loft legs up to loft floor, so will be minimum 400mm criss-crossing, plus wrapping well over into the eaves which are already at 200mm, plus high quality passive standard loft hatch to finish off. No reason other than doing my very best to insulate.
  13. I'm currently looking at unvented systems. Any recommendations? Typical like Worcester Bosch boiler or another make? Would there be systems which are best to work with UFH downstairs and radiators upstairs? Sorry for the simple questions. Get to a new part of the build and start learning from scratch. Only ever had a combi in previous house. Also, best finish floor to use. I learnt that porcelain tiles are great for allowing heat to pass through, but would my preferred luxury vinyl tile perform much worse?
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