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  1. What this bird protection net? never heard of a net, hopes not like the nets on our local Sainsbury as I'm forever going in there to get that a bird is tangled in it.
  2. It's difficult to argue that people were brainwashed with the very people who were brainwashed so I don't bother. History will out just has it has done with Thatcher.
  4. What when the mills were around, when the tin, lead & coal mines were around? No the regions that were wealthy in resources got raped and then ignored and they are still being ignored. Take this Fracking, where will the money go from the gas & oil shale ? not to the local people who live on the stuff and have to put up with the mess to get it out the ground.
  5. What always annoys me is the areas that made this country and gave the resources and wealth are the most deprived today. Why didn't they benefit like London?
  6. Your view is goes around in circles, at one end you say people are selfish & greedy and then you link this with entitlement and should earning a living. That makes no sense and it seems to put the blame of problem in a nation on to individuals that really have little control. You can bet if we had 100% employment the problems would still be there because it's the politicians that have no answers not the people. At the basic level we live in a community because that's what's best all all - the healthy, the skilled, the unhealthy & the unable to work. We are not employed and not born to work for a living. If you want a true fair balanced community you have to accept some people can't cope with life and others are much better make our lives better with things like art, music & alike. It's up to the community to support these people. Greed & selfishness is not providing the basic safety net, forcing people into things they don't want and decisions they don't want to make. It's not surprising some choose the easy option of not working or crime. They don't get born that way, their path is blocked, their life chooses are limited as those of their parents was and perhaps the parents before them. it's up to government to make sure "community" works because if they don't it breaks down into a free for all and that's exactly what we are seeing now. And let's not forget this is not about one generation it's about history, each generation puts something in and their family has a right to draw from what they put in. After all rich people understood that centures ago that's why we still give peerages so son's can take their father's place in Lords.
  7. The has been no investment, till Thatcher our income was 37% from state owned industry it's now less than 10% Have we replaced that 17%? no we've made the problem worse by reducing the tax and handing large tax cuts in CGT and yes someone is going to say "yea but we are getting more tax now so that's worked" no we are not because those figures are never adjusted for inflation or population expansion this is a con the likes of the BBC have failed to point out. It's simple maths, we as a nation are not looking after our own people. A nation is it's people is it not. Those as old as me (60) were you not promised a better life, less working hours, more leisure time, in your youth. Why are working harder, why are we working longer into old age? and why are basic needs like food, heating and a place to live so extensive & hard to get today? When are we going to wake up or is it a fact that just enough of us are doing ok not to want change?
  8. Yes we have had a lot of patriotic nationalist stuff but when was the last time a British government invested in Britain?
  9. I think you actually just agreed. Politicians are there to find the answer and implement it. The problem is they too often do it in a idealogical way not the best way. I'll give you a typical example: The was a time when the UK led the world in broadband communications. British Telecom had prepared the path forward for all homes in the UK including the building of 2 factories to manufacture the the parts needed. Thatcher in her wisdom decided she wanted to open up that market to private enterprise and stopped it dead in it's tracks. The factories were sold off and US companies allowed to move in. To this day we still suffer as a country because of that decision not only in the lack of broadband to business but also now having to have chinise technology for security systems. All that would have been British & we would have been selling it world wide like they are.
  10. At the end of the day its not our job to see these things and see the are solutions to them or see mistakes have been made. It's down to those who go into politics to see the mistake & provide solutions to all these problems. To make our life easier, healthier and more rewarding. All I see is politicians getting much better at lying, getting much richer for being politicians and us being less caring because we are too busy doing for ourselves what those politicians should be doing. Oh yes we'll do a bit for charity here and there and that makes us feel good but the basic fabric of what society is is being stripped away till we are all living in boarded up homes speaking to other via the internet and fearing walking out our front door in case we meet someone. It took 2 world wars to wake people up last time, let's hope it doesn't come to that again.
  11. Care in the community act was introduced in 1990. At that time I had a brother who worked at All Saints mental home, within a week their patents were affecting the traffic on the main road because they were just wondering out of the hostels & private care home which were old people's home in effect. A number of these people ended up in prison for a few years then let out for the process to start again.
  14. Were does this mental health come from ? stress, pressure, all part of the harse environment created by the Tories & Labour but mostly the tory cuts. How would most people deal with 20% cuts in income and then not a wage rise for 4 years? and told you need to pa extra rent because you have a spare room. People really don't understand the world here now in the UK. You lose your job and don't find another quickly and it quicksand, you could lose everything - people have. Then when you have nothing you are told you have go for a job apointment. You get the job but it's zero hours contract and you don't get enough work. It does your head in. People turn to drink, drugs any thing for a break from the pressure.