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  1. MrsB

    Flood doors

    True, that's why I like this group, you do get advice from every angle. I was meaning we could still put the flood doors on even if we were away but they would not be noticeable by everyone. Are you thinking that they are not as strong as the ones built into the door?
  2. MrsB

    Flood doors

    No worries, it's late @Russell griffiths I'm going to put down the iPad and resume tomorrow. Night all
  3. MrsB

    Flood doors

    Yes the bigger issue is why we are not building to the required height recommended by FRA, my understanding is the amount of soil needed to get it to that height. The council have agreed on a lower height on principal as it allows us to keep the barn roof shape (hipped) rather than change it to gable as proposed by our architect. My Fra update is £100 no small amount of cash but not disproportionate in comparison to the renovation. 'I think I have to risk looking a fool and get answers tomorrow even at the risk of delaying planning being submitted!
  4. MrsB

    Flood doors

    @lizzie thank you, the guy suggested not using the flood boards you only put on when needed as they suggest to unwanted trespassers that you are away. Now I'm thinking a little more clearly, We won't be seen from the road so what does it matter if they are on or off Once we've renovated there will be no money for holidays ? UPVC is never going to get passed by the council on a barn im questioning the possibility of flooding if we build up to the recommended height, as you say we can protect the air bricks etc.
  5. Evening - I'm wondering who has experience of flood defence doors please. Until today we were under the impression our barn was to be built up to the correct height to avoid flooding. We are renovating and in keeping with the original building using wooden doors and windows. Now just before we were due to submit the plans the FDA has suggested using Stormguard flood doors in UPVC! I'm totally confused, I can ask my builder and architect tomorrow for guidance but like to think of this venue as my come to place ?. I don't think white UPVC looks right in a barn - no way
  6. We got ours through this company T: 01205 591982 F: 01205 367158 Burgess Thompson & Richardson Ltd 11 High Street Boston PE21 8SH Bought the land land with two derelict properties on it, to cover our own back in case of trespassers injuring themselves, or worse I phone around and found the above and got liability insurance for £180. The two conditions were haras fencing around the property and a lifesaving buoy on a post near the pond (which is dry at the moment). Hope this helps @oldcoop or is what you were looking for
  7. Thank you, the pair have been apprehended from our wildlife camera evidence. The police couldn't praise the footage highly enough, especially as it was dark when the 2 perpetrators arrived. We even recorded their voices, bonus. I'll link you to the camera
  8. We had visitors at 4am who came prepared with tools to break in, they stole the security light and took the few tools we'd left secured in a garage, the mindless ***** The reason we know they were 30 minutes, we clocked them on camera coming in the gate, and then leaving with our things, they even took our gazebo from the garage (it was broken anyway, but did give a bit of shade), taking time to put it down and pack it in the bag. 30 seconds later a car was also seen on screen, down a quiet road at 4.30am bit of a coincidence! Police are coming..... tomorrow!
  9. Thank you for the swift response @Jimbouk, @JSHarris @dpmillerStarting to take some steps towards trying to find out what's going on in our absence. 1.We've ordered a cheap use wildlife camera, should be here today. 2. Downloaded the app 'manything' and been able to see my partner at work through it this morning ? 3. Looking at a solar powered pir security light or lights on amazon at the moment Decided we only need the the light to enable the camera to capture the lowlifes, not give them free light to break in more of the barn (they have to go through the security fence to get inside) any more advise to help will be gratefully received, we only have an old wheelbarrow and a few grass cutting tools in the garage so it's not that there is anything of value to steal. Julie
  10. @Jimbouk this looks like something that will be useful to me. I'm getting petty vandalism on my plot and would like to find out what's happening after I leave in the evening without putting myself at risk. So basically you download the app to two devices, secreat a phone on site then watch on your other device at home? Would I need a security light that just came on with movement detection to allow the camera to have enough light without giving the ******** enough light to have a party at my expense? I live close enough that I could collect and charge up the camera every day.
  11. @JSHarris thank you for listening. By the way, I've listened and enjoyed both of your podcasts this last few days, maybe I should put them on again now .... chill! I have printed off the original plan from the local councils website, I best contact the seller and see if I am able to use them for now, not wishing to breach the copyright laws. I did speak to the architect the other day he is aware I have them. He's given me a quote to make my alterations and planning regs. A visual survey was done 2 years ago but the barn had become a dumping ground therefore the report was only done on areas he could see, which is reasonable. No doubt in the last 2 years it has detoriated more.
  12. I feel very frustrated with it all today. Barn conversions are not easy, massive understatement! I might just put a caravan on the plot and save myself the hassle. Im trying to spend as little money up front as possible, I've had my offer accepted on the land with a barn with PP, the only bill I'm racking up at this moment in time is the solicitor. I understand no builder wants to be out of pocket but I'm wondering how can I progress from here. To get a quote I need a plan, to get a plan I need architect to draw up the plan to my specs, to get him to do this I need a structural engineer to check the derilict barns foundations, walls etc. are sound enough. The original plans were obtained for the guy who I'm buying the land off, I'm guessing just a basic design to get it passed. But I'd like some alterations, en suite in master bedroom plus an extension which is still within the footprint and a window in the lounge to enable me to see my land not just a courtyard. Ive been told by my architect to expect £1,000 which has now jumped to £1,500 per sq meter plus services (electricity, water bio mass treatment unit), and then buy the kitchen & bathroom fittings plus landscaping etc. My architect suggests I pay £200 to the builders merchants to give me an estimate for all this extra work. Anyone who would like to help me make sense of all this please feel free, so sorry to rant on when you maybe all think this is the easy stage. Julie
  13. Heating @PeterW that's another can of worms I've not even opened yet! I was thinking underfloor on the ground floor then finding an alternative for the upstairs. It's on my 'to do research' list and obviously read on this forum. The existing barn is double story and then the new build running off the barn single.