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  1. Hello all, Id appreciate your toughts on the following. We will be changing our car soon to a Plug in Hybrid which will enable us to make use of a 4.5p per unit electricty through the night.With this in mind im looking to install an ASHP in addition to the exsisting oil boiler for use in the colder months. House is a selfbuild 3 years old with underfloor downstaris and rads upstairs (oversized rads for future proof). All the above world allow me to run the ASHP for 5 hours through the night for a small amount of money. Going on from that is how to merge the 2 sytems? I have 2 spare ports on my buffer vessel so the plumbing part is easy, its the control methods that I fall down on. Has anyone completed such a task ? Thanks, Fly
  2. Sanity checking this, is the 20kWh worked out from the the ampage drawn by the unit ? as you have to consider there maybe some modulation too
  3. I run my tank to max immersion temp ( 67c near bottom) anything above that it trips out. I dont have a mixer on the top of the tank as the house is new and all the taps are mixer taps and we know where to set them, muscle memory if you will. That said we dont have children either so that could be a concern. The tank drops 5C over night at the bottom, but remeber there is some water usege through the evening which is replaced with the cold mains.Our boiler doesnt run from March to late Septemember other than the odd run when we have had a few grey days and it needs a boost to get back ahead of the curse so to speak.
  4. You should ask him if he has one in his own house. Im scepitcal of someone who doesnt use his own products. Im not undermining there products but find it odd they dont use them.
  5. I can answer some of your questions. Most of my Heating demand is pre 7am so I can shift the underfloor back an hour to cover that part totally off, my calcs would put my usage with an ASHP to approx 8000KW per anum. That and we have slightly thicker screed so one heat cycle per day normally. Also I would probaly keep the oil boiler for Dec / Jan anyway. From a FIT tarrif view Im on the last Tarrif of 4.5p & 5.5p for export and generation. Using the Calculator on the website reduces my bill by approx £900 per annum this does not include an ASHP.
  6. i wasnt planning on using the Power wall to to supply the ASHP it was the fact it give me access to the 11.5p Tesla Tarriff making my import cost reduce from 28p.
  7. RE lookin at this again as Im considering buying a Telsa Power wall to compliment my Solar array, which would in turn entitle me to the Octopus Tesla Tarriff. of 11.5p import and export. I have had a go at the Heat Calc sheet a couple of times, but cant seem to get output with my figures. That said I do have some real world data. I have an Hour Metre on my boiler burner and over the last 4 years it has run for 500 hours per year give or take 20 hours. from there I can work the flow rate of oil and how many KW the Boiler produced that year. 14000 kw is my yearly requirement, devided by 180 heating days per year is 77kw a day COP of 3. 25kw a day. Am i miles off or just about there. Thank you in advance. FLY
  8. No probs here, they do what it says on the tin and improved my system no end.
  9. Screed, even a dry mix takes a few weeks.
  10. Rule of thumb is it takes 1 day per mm to dry upto 50mm after that 2 days per mm for sand cement screed. As for heating the floor, id check the temp dial is actually set to what it is ready. Mine needed moving around a few splines as it read 30c and was producing 20c. I started mine 90 days after after the floor went down. Started at 20c and over the next 2 weeks worked my way up to 40c at the end of 2 weeks. No cracks and worked for me, hope that helps. Fly
  11. I have a slightly smaller M2 property with :- 150mm in floor 150mm inbetween all rafters 400mm of fibre glass on the ceilings 85mm insulated plasterboard on the 1st floor ceilings while i admitt I have a huge amount of glass on the west aspect and south aspect but a 12kw ASHP would not run my place. The calcs I had done came to 16kw without the DHW. I have tried to use the excel heatloss calc to confirm but i cant get it to work correctly. Anyone fancy helping ? I would just check 12kw is correct, a few mins now could save a good few pounds.
  12. Im sure i have read somewhere when the flow is sub 30c they operate a 10c differential to aid heat up time. Happy to be corrected.
  13. 11 panels per string ( 22 in total ).
  14. CCTV Alarm Nas Boxes Wifi Thermostat in every room Smart sockets Switch AP's All adds up. As for free batts, they have been installed 6 months and now removed, project ended and the disposal is chargable.
  15. I miscalculated that Ah and series does not total up, but I have access to a pallet full of batts so more is not a problem.
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