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  1. Plenty of lube on it to allow free movement eased my troubles.
  2. Tom, I still cant see the reason to keep them powered on all the time. Mine are off by default and never go into Calibration mode. Im confused why you would want them open. For instance if the UF was to come on in one room the fact they are open it would heat all the other rooms aswell.Unless im missing something you are defeating yourself at step one. Happy to debate this with you and hear your opinion as we all have differing goals. FLY
  3. I have those Acutators, my wiring system only powers them up if that Zone calls for heat. Question why an acutator would always be on, seems counter pruductive. Fly
  4. I can confirm these work on Heatmiser equipment as I have them at Chateaux Fly. Out of the 12 I had, I had a rough one that did alsorts of daft things. Not closing, not opening etc. Sent it back for a replacment problem solved. I can also confirm mine are normally closed even after the power goes off and the call for heat ceases goes off. Fly
  5. Where in the world are you, I have a thermal Camera which could help the issue. We are currently T4 so movement isnt possible, but going forwards after that.
  6. Can anyone confirm the Condensate Temp for an oil boiler please. I see gas is 55c and a lot of pages seem to mention oil is the same, but there are the odd pages that quote 47c as the condensate temp.. The manual makes no reference to it nor does the manufacturers website. Of course I understand the lower the return temps the better. Thanks as ever. Fly
  7. Between the flow and return on the underfloor heating circuits, not to be confused with the manifold flow and return temps as thats blended water from all the circuits.
  8. Heatmiser Thermostats and a Realiance Wiring Centre. Acutators are 230V so wired. But yes they do work. There was an update last year to resolve the Heatmiser issuse I understand. FLY
  9. I have the Salus Auto Balancing Actuators there work really well. I have 12, that said one has gone faulty and is been replaced. They do seem to miss the 7c differential on msystem and settle around 10c. Works with Heatmiser too. Id recomend them. FLY
  10. Evo Home by Honeywell do both im sure as do Heatmiser ( not 100% sure on them though).
  11. The PV doesnt produce that much in the colder months, we put everything into the DHW tank and some days it cant bring that to up to a decent temp if its low cloud on little sun. As for Oil usages I suggest it will be 900 - 1200 L depending on the Winder Temps. Im exploring the option, A there is an RHI incentive B Borris's Carbon Plan. Thanks, FLY
  12. I was with you all, but those VortexAir's are close to £10k. I should add I have 6.2Kw of PV Solar on the Roof too.
  13. I’m interested in exploring the possibility of integrating and ASHP into my current system. Background New build property in 2017 @272 m2. 80% of the West walls are glass and very open, with little protection from the wind. Currently oil boiler, no mains gas. Ground floor is 172 m2 all under floor heating with 150mm insulation flow temps @ 40c Upstairs has radiators which are not used other than that to take the chill of the rooms and ( rads) sized with the ASHP in mind in the future. The house is very well insulated but very open with little protection from the wind. it was sized for 2 x 8.5kw ASHP. This would have resulted in more Planning Permission applications and after 3 years of battles with the locals we decided to put an oil boiler in and await ASPH Technology to improve to see if a single unit would ever emerge. I’m interested in some sort of Hybrid setup that would use the ASHP on the milder days with the Oil Boiler helping out when the ASHP cant provide the required heat output. Pipe dream or is this a possibility ? Thanks, FLY
  14. I have 12 on my system and one appears to have gone faulty. Ive recalibrated them all on that zone but one remains operating with a mind of its own. It wont close fully, so when that zone is off there is still hot water flow. The pin inside the actuator does not appear to move far enough to close the flow. Ive emailed Salus last week, no reply as yet.