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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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    Junction 33 M6

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  1. AnonymousBosch

    Brise soleil

    Be sure to tell the postie which one is for letters and which for parcels , eh? ๐Ÿ˜‹
  2. AnonymousBosch

    Satan is whispering in my ear....

    Depends on your perspective. And budget. An electric shower is cheaper and simpler overall. And as for @Nickfromwales with customary understatement, referred to electric showers as ' ... spawn of the Devil ...'
  3. AnonymousBosch

    Satan is whispering in my ear....

    Being dry while you switch on and set the temperature....
  4. 'Fit a digital electric shower my boy, and the world will be yours...' Has He got a point?
  5. AnonymousBosch

    40mm Shower waste to soil pipe

    Excuse the naive question: doesn't that just treat the symptom?
  6. AnonymousBosch

    40mm Shower waste to soil pipe

    Ahh, you've never used one underground then.... hmmmm
  7. Never used waterproofer in mortar before. There are several on the market - Which to snog ? Which to marry ? Which to avoid ? Let's hope this thread doesn't get too long, eh? Know whar' ah mean ? ๐Ÿคจ
  8. AnonymousBosch

    Schedule of works/costs

    First hit on Google.
  9. AnonymousBosch

    Confused about CDM!!!

    No. Our build is on a Newt - Commute - Route midway between between two ponds, 200 meters apart: in an ecological sense you could accurately describe the two ponds as local Newt Nightclubs. When it's warm and wet outside, and the lights turned down low, they do what comes naturally: searching for a bit of action. Often that means traipsing through our kitchen gurning on about ' the lack of talent round here ' . Sid, the tomcat sits and growls. I pick them up and take them to where all the action is : the hibernacular. Our Mitigation Strategy required us to have a refuge for them: we created three. (Meant less clearing up) They're beautiful, and we treasure them.
  10. AnonymousBosch

    I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue

    Welcome. There's yer problem ... '... on my own ...' That statement implies the need for team work, and all that goes with it. Teams are wonderful things when they have bedded in, when colleagues come to know and trust one-another. And they only ever do so in a deep and meaningful way when the members have shared a bit of hardship : been tested in some way. Had corners knocked off , snarled at one another a bit and made up (or not as the case may be). Thats the thing you need to work on - whether with an architect or not - getting someone to design with you. The chemistry's the thing. Compromise, provoke, enable, share. Be clear.
  11. AnonymousBosch

    What could possibly go wrong

    Just bloody do it.
  12. AnonymousBosch

    Confused about CDM!!!

    There are at least a couple dead on the road outside our house every warmish, wet morning.
  13. Need shares in Sikaflex then....
  14. AnonymousBosch

    Confused about CDM!!!

    I brief everyone that comes on site (admittedly not that many people now) : only takes a few sentences. Very simple; Live services First aid resources : kits and eyewash station Ask if any H+S resources needed - if so give them what they need Point out that Durisol dust is vicious , and the importance of eye protection Tell them about the location of the local hospitals Site specific hazards - nettles at the moment Ask to check their vans / cars before leaving - the sodding cat is likely to be in the warmest bit of their van (dashboard) point out the location of the loo and kitchen and show them where to make their own tea and coffee. I do this for everyone arriving on site : one delivery driver listened carefully and at the end of the briefing told me that it was over a year since he had been briefed on H+S at any site.
  15. Not so much nightmares as losing sleep: it's now normal to lose sleep - getting a bit p'd off with it too. ๐Ÿ˜