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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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  1. I think that clause may well be common.
  2. Our PP has the following Condition. PD rights have been removed. I understand that (locally at least) this is a common requirement. Not sure of the rationale, but there it is.
  3. AnonymousBosch

    First Self build - Cornwall

    Welcome to the Avalanche Ski Club.....😄
  4. AnonymousBosch

    Insul hub

    PMSL... wet the sofa, tea up my nose, cake stuck in my craw, coughing fit to cause a hernia. Seen this? or this? or read this? For a calmer take on things, read this ... The height at which the wall collapsed was 4 meters plus. You can (but dont ever try it) pour a complete house. I have seen it done. Its a stupid (and should be ) an unnecessary risk. The pour height issue is one where willies are waved and sales spin weaved..... I have a feeling that a good rule of thumb should be - dont pour more concrete than you are prepared to lose at any single pour. For me, thats about £500 (concrete, plus pump, plus reinstatement). Not all of the concrete poured will come out of any single block burst. Multiple block bursts will almost certainly be the result of negligent or criminal mishandling of the blocks or substandard blocks which should have been identified before placement.. Multiple block bursts are rare, but in our case - a godsend. I kid you not Read on
  5. AnonymousBosch

    Have you entered any Awards?

    I've won one: the award for employing the nicest work-experience chappie. I get given pints every time I meet his dad in the pub - yes still - 2 years later! (Here's a link to the series if you are interested)
  6. AnonymousBosch

    Wrong Floor!

    Having flooring cock-ups under my belt (including losing my trousers in the process) may I support what @PeterW says. Maybe I'm too used to coping with cock-ups, but now, I tend to shrug and get on with it far earlier than before. That doesn't mean I'm satisfied with shoddy work, or that I don't face the issue head on at the time . But lawyers, contracts - they win in the end, nobody else. I don't pay for shoddy work (any more) either. So come to an agreement about Pete's suggestion if you can, and part company company if you don't.
  7. AnonymousBosch

    Save the world, install an LPG tank.

    Who wouldn't? But I sometimes long for someone to give our J a really serious, well-argued run for his money: if only because we'd all learn far more from the back and forth. Expert power needs to be handled with care (because it's Personal power French and Ravens 1958 ish) . Otherwise, I do what Sue (above) does.
  8. So that's where it is. I knew I was one short. Mystery solved
  9. I do. We are. Keeps the kids away ; grand children are welcome to stay.
  10. I missed that.... Come to think of it 4 tonnes of water has a significant thermal mass dunnit? (I'm off - no apology - too tired)
  11. AnonymousBosch

    Looking for a book on plumbing.

    Tried BuildHub? All the right words, but not necessarily in the right order.
  12. AnonymousBosch

    DIY concrete planters

    Arrrgggghhh, there ain't nothin' like a self-made planter ter warm the cockles.....
  13. AnonymousBosch

    DIY concrete planters

    Got a concrete pour coming up? Use the excess. We have the screeders coming next week: I'm trying to find time to make a simple shallow 'tray' to absorb some of the excess. Got an old, shallow metal kitchen bowl? Force some sort of container into the bowl during the pour Got an old 25 litre liquid container? Cut the top off and force a couple of empty 5 litre containers into the 25 litre container during the pour. Pop a bit of scaffolding pipe through the bottom (drainage) Etc.
  14. AnonymousBosch

    smart meters

    How much water is there in a transformer then, eh?
  15. AnonymousBosch

    inconsistent consultations

    Yes. The discipline in our case wasn't the engineer, it was the ecologist. And the consequences cost us £6000. How to deal with it? Fulminate, swear a huge amount, get pissed. Calm down. Move on. When I see an opportunity for revenge appropriately professional feedback, I might just take it