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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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  1. Ooooooffff! šŸ˜µ Get a Wire Crew to do it. Made my eyes water.
  2. I too started out puzzled by what an SE was for. I'll summarise my experience Choose the right one: you might need more than one (we used three: each a specialist in their area of interest) To do that you need to network. (BH will be one of the best networks you can get). Do your due diligence on any SE you consider using Ask for a fee proposal for each and every separate part of the build: ie. a quote for each bit Get the choice of SE right and you save a great deal of money, worry and time spent emailing and worrying on BH One sentence (in a fee proposal letter) from one of our SEs started us on a journey which meant that we saved many thousands of pounds. Finally, BH members are all highly qualified, experienced, modest, understated, intuitive, gifted Structural Engineers : every last one of them (Honest!)
  3. Welcome: and with an offer like that, you are especially welcome. Ian
  4. Just been to Hartley Hire and HSS. The response was polite, but one of astonishment that anyone should dare to ask
  5. Consider not employing one. And your foundation fails. Who takes responsibility? You need some steels; but one " get's in the way " Work out how to sort that out on your own? Sure? S E s reduce risk. There's an art to choosing the right one.
  6. Thanks be to the Almighty for that...... (spell chekers aint what they used to be)
  7. I found a valuable consignment (for the build) dumped on my verge this afternoon. The driver had arrived, off loaded and gone. A few days ago, and again yesterday and this morning, I called the company from which I purchased the goods to ask if I could be told when the delivery was to take place. Fat lot of good that did. What would have happened had that consigment been nicked?
  8. Quantity Surveying is about risk reduction. In the context of house building, the smaller the budget, the greater the need A quick search on this discussion group shows the following.... a wet evening's quiet reading by the fire side. As usual, everyone else says it better than I can.
  9. I would like ours to be installed at about 900 mm. Hope thats Ok?
  10. You ask for encouragement ... Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and Iā€” I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost And if poetry isn't for you, then think of the time you will have to wonder ~ what if I had given it a go? All these years of 'What if' Most here have given it a try. Not all of it pleasant either. But everyone we meet even for a brief chat realises that self building adds something extra to your life. Something more than just the house. In my case, wrinkles.
  11. Morning! Well, you've already covered three themes that occur here regularly. One of us already, then Welcome. Ian
  12. @Onoff, thanks for the attachment, it is very helpful.