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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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  1. Perish the thought Gary. Yes, of course I will. But I want to know the answer to the question before I ask it. If it takes 10 minutes to pop up on the roof and drop some dyed water and watch where the drip comes through then I'm gonna do that. I'm done with letting trades do their stuff without me taking an active interest in what they do..... 🙂 👍🏻 Top banana. I'll have a good with free then: so we can swop drip stories in the pub . Evalon. Off to the gym to pump iron - takes courage does that exercising next to really super fit female stick insects . Ahhhhh poor me eh?
  2. I'll spare you the details. I'm trying to trace a tiny weeny driplet that is squeezing itself through our brand new flat roof. Yes, it's the installers responsibility. Yes, tell him to sort it. Yes. But I want to find this sodding leak point. I have traced it to one general area. By running a hose over it when the roof is dry. Now I need to identify the actual place that leaks. Is there any way of colouring water such that the colour will still show once it trickles through the roof?
  3. Ours would be for our new house, not the little shack we've lived in since last century. So, I'll need to put the wiring for one in now. It would be brilliant if an electromagnetically intelligent BH member were to suggest where or how I could come by a wiring diagram for such a system, please?
  4. ... 'old on a minnit... You mean every time you lose power, your poor wife has to get up from her comfortable armchair seat and find that nobody's rung the doorbell? Good luck with that. I'd get marmalised ....
  5. You lost me after the word 'Easy ... '
  6. I better get this in before Nick does..... Bird is the Word, bird bird bird......
  7. Now there's a simple answer for a simpleton like me. Thanks
  8. 👍 Its my damaged back thats the issue .....😰
  9. An 8 year old girl with an eye for detail, and whose mum says of her "You're going to be a proper little madam"
  10. Moira, thats a picture. You must be very pleased. Hard work a bit of courage and determination has its rewards....
  11. Hmmmm, so an isolator for MVHR - (which also has its own on/off switch) The SunAmp The Geberit loos the cookers the hob but not the fridge, freezer or minor stuff. Hmmmm. Can't see the logic - yet.
  12. You have 30 minutes to answer the following question. Do not copy what @JSHarris, @Onoff or @ProDave or that other really nice Scottish boffin write. @TerryE writes with disappearing ink so its OK to look at his answer. Write your name at the top of your paper and on each page that you submit Your invigilator will collect your online answers and collate them below. Q1: Isolators isolate. Switches switch. Discuss. A good answer will make reference to the ways in which switches and isolators are similar, and the ways in which they perform different functions. An excellent answer will give good, clearly expressed examples of when an isolator should be fitted instead of a simple switch. A good answer will show how switches are sometimes Double Poled, and sometimes not, and the reasons for the differences. Top marks will be given for those answers referring to how switched fused spurs and fused isolators are used, especially those made by Scolmore. Oh bugger it, lets cut to the chase. The examiner doesn't know when he should fit an isolator, and when a mere a switched fused spur will be adequate. Ta! Ian
  13. I'm not your mum. We do appreciate your contributions: lots of people will have read your problem, have similar ones themselves and - on the basis of your interaction here - worked out how to sort things out for themselves. Put some clothes on ( 😝) and go for a walk.
  14. I realise my suggestion is a challenging one. I am not your mother, but my advice above borders on the inappropriate. Neither Build Hub not I has a therapeutic relationship (duty of care) with you. We cannot - accurately and with authority - advise you to the extent you are asking. Asynchronous communication (written text question and answer) does not support the level of detail you require. The volume of advice you have received is vast. I realise also that you are communicating in what to you is probably an Additional Language. That makes your job of reading that advice hard. It makes the job of respondents to your posts harder too. Your written style is sometimes challenging too. Nothing is going to change if you have a few days off. Please, please, have a good rest. Come back next week. Please.