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    I am building a near-passive haus standard, 146 sq m living space house. I am retired, but never been busier.
    I used to develop online teaching and learning resources for several northern universities. I also lectured in IT.
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  1. That kind of stress is part of the rite of passage into self-builder status. And why most people don't even dare to put a tiny tootsie into our world. Despite what they might say at sophisticated ladies drinks parties : ha! remember those..... ?
  2. Yes, it's a big help to have a slope on site: my back's really sore though. Big ahhhhhhhhhh for the overprivileged then............🤨
  3. Worry? 9 or 10 years maybe. Probably more. There's a plot right next to us which has been at that stage for at least 10 years now.
  4. Short of raiding the linen cupboard, I can't get any bedding. I have remnants of sharp sand, some 10mm pebbles and some soft sand. Eyeing up random bags of building sand lying around the area. Bad man innit?
  5. Eyeing up an old bit of 12 by 2 for a stairs stringer. As twisted as a propeller....
  6. Thats exactly what our local retired SE said as he watched me struggling to stack a load of slippery plastic pipes. He visits the site regularly ("Most over-engineered house I've ever seen") He asked whether clay pipes are still available - since at his place there is a drainage problem. To my suprise you can still get them.
  7. I'd like to get our wet room functioning: I have got most of the 'gear' - and I think there's a good chance I can get hold of the rest of the internal stuff I still need. So far so good. Its the externals of the foul drainage to the digester that concerns me. I've got most of the necessary bits: but its the bedding sand and shingle that I haven't got... and probably cant get either, though I keep trying. The plan: Lay the pipes, make the connections (without the correct bedding or shingle cover) leaving the pipes exposed, Test, make good if needed Use I will be shuttering the trench and making sure that the trench is self-draining (in the case of heavy rain). Then when everything gets back to normal, make good as necessary and ring the BCO lady for inspection; very very nice lady. 👩‍💼
  8. Whats the issue? I assume you already have some form of foul drainage in place. Correct? Do you need to maintain the tank? If so, just do it.
  9. Oooopp North, well, West Lancs, some trades seem to be staying home (roofers), others not. So, you can plan for them to come, but even more than usual, plans need to be flexible. No materials are being delivered here. Mind you, I have a 5 tonner (digger) delivered today. Digga porn - proportional controls, auto-hitch, auto-throttle, heater, cup holder, vibro-massage seat: unbelievable amount of material shifted per bucket, smoooove as a baby's Botticelli.
  10. Bingo. Its what the professionals call Learning Style. Learning Style is a bit like The Three Butts. We all have one, I can see yours, You can see mine, You cant see your own. I once taught a group of Americans, and out of sheer mischief, decided I'd get their attention by using that little ditty. It worked well I seem to remember
  11. @Russell griffiths gets mad.... 😕