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  1. Has anyone used Trex composite decking boards? Looks nice on their TV ad but probably caries a premium price as well
  2. looks great, you are to be commended for your skillful work 👍
  3. [Name edited - PM if you want details] outside Dromore did mine - very pleased with them
  4. [name edited - PM if you want details] in Loughgall has a good selection
  5. philmx26

    As built SAP and EPC

    Can recommend [name edited - PM if you want it] for this sort of work - first class
  6. If you fancy a trip over the Irish Sea to County Down, i have the very machine for you within your price bracket!
  7. I'm trying to open the "Guide to the VAT reclaim process" link but it doesn't seem to be working - can anyone suggest why?