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  1. swisscheese

    Floor tiling Prep.

    Thanks Nod, I hoped to have minimised UFH as an 'issue' by running the "concrete cure" UFH function on to help dry out the floor before even thinking about getting a tile down. That and the decent weather.
  2. swisscheese

    Floor tiling Prep.

    Why is this ^ ? Adds substantially to the job price - I was considering not using the decoupling matt - seems to be mixed opinions as to whether it's essential.
  3. swisscheese

    Floor tiling Prep.

    I'm prepping a large floor area for tiling. I expect to be using a Mapei Adhesive so for priming prep of the floor do I use the Mapei Primer G or go for a more generic SBR product, it looks like I may get a better dilution/coverage rate for the SBR so may be a bit cheaper. Any pre -tiling prep advice Cheers
  4. swisscheese

    Green roof

    in our submission I have a small green roof. (eco credentials) It will be the last thing we do and it will the cheapest and most low maintenance I can money runs out a Green roof does not get us in through the door.
  5. swisscheese

    PV up and running

    The electricity co. won't/don't accept the "As Design" EPC. Got to be at least the "interim" version - but to get the "elevated" FiT it needs to be before certification of the PV, so the PV is not included in the EPC figure as @le-cerveau has pointed out. - it's all "Ar$e about Face"
  6. swisscheese

    PV up and running

    @le-cerveau I want to do exactly the same thing to get the "better" FiT rate and not miss out on the summer of generation. Did you have problem getting the interim EPC - my current Assessor doesn't want to do one, but If as ask a new assessor they say they have to do the whole thing from scratch again costing hundreds, what all I want them to do is lodge the interim. which should only cost a few quid.
  7. swisscheese

    Digging in the Verge

    unfortunately I've not been able to confirm any existing wayleaves, the hatch has 2 existing houses connecting to it, however the cover and chamber lie mostly within a boundary, if it was in the drive way it wouldn't have been a problem. The 2 houses in question, were built by an individual 1980's who then sold this one. I secured the plot the other side of the existing drive. Yep, would probably cop for most if not the lot. worth considering though ?
  8. swisscheese

    Digging in the Verge

    It wasn't a problem, but now is, the lateral inspection hatch rests partially within the neighbours boundary and they have now at this late stage decided to refuse permission to cross the boundary to lift it. I don't want to go there!
  9. swisscheese

    Digging in the Verge

    Yep, I tried these: "street works qualification register" - apparently they don't have a register they just dish out the cards....they said try the council. I have gone back to Highways at the Council......this could be a while.
  10. swisscheese

    Digging in the Verge

    Due to some unforeseen and recent neighbour issues we may be forced to redirect our waste to further along an existing lateral drain. This would mean joining to the drain in a large verge inserting a new Inspection Chamber and connecting. I have to submit an S50 + extortionate fee to the council to "dig in the highway", it stipulates that I have to use accredited contractors for this work. The council so far are unwilling to give me a list of accredited contractors, so I'm wondering what is an accredited contractor, how do I get hold of one. My contractors are happy to the boundary, as a building contractor he says he is not "accredited", but I fear I'm going to get stung by a large contracts firm to dig quite literally the 2m from my boundary to the proposed connection point in the verge.
  11. swisscheese

    Design Critique/Advice Requested

    Just a note, about the aesthetics. Each to their own and all that, however... In our area "pre-application advice" is encouraged, many might think it's just a way for the council to make a bit more cash, it probably is, it doesn't speed up the process, no matter what they say, and is not binding. In our case though, perhaps we were lucky and the young planner who came on site was supportive and "implicitly" encouraged a bit more boldness in design, agreed that the location had no real vernacular or singular defining characteristics, the plot is tucked away etc etc.....needless to say the Parish Council hated it...I cared not. I guess the message being really if you don't try something a little bolder - rather like @epsilonGreedy"Some how you have created a 2800 sq ft design without any wow features." You never know. @Ferdinand - Some good advice in that post. I don't know your location but If you have paid for a 'view', you might want a bigger window to take it all in. Internally; You have to live in it (unless you are selling it), can changing the layout it improve the way you want to live. Good Luck with the project.
  12. swisscheese

    We are in

    Yes, well done.
  13. swisscheese

    Scoping a Plot on the market more ways than one Land costs are high - we were lucky we took a punt without PP and worked hard to get it - with PP it would have been out of the question. If I was doing this again as a first timer, I'd say without doing lots of leg work the plot sounds tricky and with a few unknown unknowns
  14. swisscheese

    Any Samsung ASHP owners out there

    resolved! - wiring/port valve config issue. Now running like a dream.
  15. Hi, I'm installing the Samsung ASHP and pre-plumbed cylinder, and I seem to have a problem with the Zone 1 circulation pump not firing up. The Circulation Pump is not faulty, as when I switch over the connection from the other circulation pump it fires up. The Port valves click on when demand requires, but the pump will not fire. The wiring seems fine, I will have to check the connections and double check the integrity of the circuits. I'm wondering if it is problem with the set up or field settings, has anybody done this or had similar issues. Cheers