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  1. what is the product you mention here?👆can you add a link please?
  2. I'd suggest you go for a breather membrane rather than a vapour barrier in that location. vents through a 600mm stone is easier said that done - any hope BC will allow you forgo the cavity and go tight to the wall with the stud. With the render in good condition external your risk of condensation reduces significantly. +1 on MVHR
  3. adhesive tape remover https://www.ecomerchant.co.uk/pro-clima-glumex-400ml.html
  4. Gaffer tape is not something I would suggest using in my retirement bungalow - nor in any home as a primary air barrier
  5. vc foil should be taped to adjoining vc foil - be that on underside of rafters+ above that plasterboards layer, as well as brought between floor areas- not to be stuck to plasterboard, chipboard or cut off
  6. Super helpful guidance @JSHarris . As you say though and I fear, having worked on many low energy and passive 'principled' new builds that many mvhr systems are ill-fitted and ill-commissioned causing unnecessarily noisy, energy hungry and dust trapped ducting far from what was designed.