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  1. That's such a relief. Thank you all 🙂
  2. Hi. I'm doing much of the internal construction of a barn conversion myself. A builder got the shell structurally sound and watertight, they and my builders merchants assure me that using roofing battens on the inside will be fine / is completely normal. But I can't help but shake a nagging thought that the blue will somehow leach through the plasterboard and show on the finished ceiling. Am I worrying over nothing? Or, should I cut my loses now and replace what I've done so far with something else? Pic of a vaulted ceiling almost ready for plasterboard -
  3. Thanks for the picture ProDave, I'll add it to my file, they're so helpful when it comes to biting the bullet and starting a job / getting a Job done.
  4. Thanks for the heads up on the price, I'll have a good scout around before buying. It's thanks to BuildHub numbers that I'm focusing on Hudson Reed, I just prefer the completely round knobs to the ones you guys have. Interesting the link you post gives an option of with diverter or without. So it seems I need one without, though I wonder if I got one with diverter, how would the unit be different, and could it function with just 2 outlets in use?
  5. Hello. Please could you help me understand concealed shower valves. I'm looking for one that will run an overhead rose and a small hand shower. I've found this that I like When I read the information about it, I think the middle knob sets the temperature, and the 2 other knobs are one for each of 2 outlets. But, it says it diverts to a third outlet. Can anyone explain please?
  6. Can't comment on the level threshold thoughts. But have you considered polished concrete? We chose it as very hard wearing, wanted same throughout and minimal grout lines. It also saved a lot of ££££ over tiles.
  7. Thanks for this thread jfb, I was going to ask similar questions this week, specifically about safe zones in ceilings, that ProDave has kindly already covered. Also safe zone related - are there any rules about how close cables can run adjacent to and over top of a door or window?
  8. Jenni

    Sliding Gates

    Thank you Onoff, it's the bottom channel I'm particularly interested in, these photos are great, how do find it is with leaves / random stones down there? My concept is to use the slight slope and gravity, build a gateparallelogram gate that rolls either on a tongue as you have, or a simple wheel in a channel. It would want to be at the bottom of the slope by default, therefore closed, and you just push it up the slope to open it. I have seen one before, even took a video of it in action, but can't seem to find it now.
  9. I'd be interested to know your thoughts on alternative channels please. I'm mulling over a sliding gate option. (sorry for off topic)
  10. We used black Bedec barn paint, was really lovely to use. Can't comment on long term, only been on 15 months.
  11. For cluster flies we find regular use of foggers helps. For big flies we've had great success with "Red Top" catchers.
  12. Thank you both. Shame items aren't consistently advertised, some list the radius and give detailed spec, others don't, very annoying.
  13. We tried jigsaw blades. The slower you take it the straighter the cut, very clean but they blunt very quickly then stink as they struggle. In the end went back to normal toothed hand saw, fast and straight, sadly very messy.
  14. Our BCO insisted on (what I considered) an excessive number of ridge vents, also he said minimal 50mm air gap under the felt.
  15. Hello. Is it possible, or unadvisable to buy a tray separately from the enclosure? My preference would be to buy together, but the enclosures I like seem to match with trays that have the waste in the 'wrong' place for my plumbing. I'm going to have an offset quadrant, either 1200x900 or slightly smaller (yet to be decided). Thanks.