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  1. I bought a heavy stone resin tray from these guys, (they do other, lighter materials too) they were helpful to deal with, had to order via a stockist where there was a wide range of prices for exactly the same product (ended up cheapest via Travis Perkins) They have quite a few options for offset quadrant at 1200x900. And you can get "easy plumb kit" that lifts the tray as you're describing you need. Also anti slip trays that may be good for older people.
  2. Hi. Is the silver foil tape detectable when the pipes are pinned to foil faced pir insulation?
  3. That's great. Thank you for your advice Nick 🙂
  4. NRVs and drain off, points noted 👍 The second hard manifold is debatable I suppose. I have a 50mm duct to run through. I thought a single larger bore pipe that splits to smaller near point of use might be easier than trying to get 2x 15mm and a 10mm pipe down the 50mm duct. I suppose I could go with just 2x 15mm and T off a 10mm for the basin (from the bath 15mm)? I've read that 15mm is recommended for high demand items like bath+shower. And that WCs and hand basins are fine/better with 10mm. But I'm not sure about appliances like dishwasher and washing machine - is there a minimum size they need? Last thing, any pointers on what size pipe I should use from the softener to the UVC? And size pipe to the 2 (possibly 3) manifolds? Thank you 🙂
  5. Hi @Nickfromwales, any chance you've got a chance to check out revised drawing please?
  6. Hi @Nickfromwales, do you think my second attempt is an improvement on the first? Any further suggestions please? I'm keen to nail down the basic setup so I can install the main pipework into ducts shortly.
  7. Trying to take on board your advice Nick, here's version 2. I've jotted on approx distances in meters, and potential pipe diameters in millimetres. Any better?
  8. There isn't any loft, single storey barn conversion. All mains pressure with an unvented cylinder. (When I filled the UFH manifold with a hosepipe, the guage on there got to about 3 bar). I don't really like the feel of softened water, but I recognise the benefits of it to appliances, toilet flushes and UVC in particular. The pressure valve due to some previous damaged caused by water co allowing pressure to go too high in the past, just trying to mitigate risk. I've tried to do the diagram to also show the relative positions of things. As a barn conversion there have been various compromises, the water comes in a one end where the kitchen and utility are nearby, then the bathroom plant room is well over the other side. I understand what you're saying about the UVC having cold mains priority, but I'm not sure how to achieve this while also having hard water to cold taps within the physical constraints. No problem moving the outside taps to just after the stopcock, I am interested to know the logic behind this please? Thank you.
  9. Hello. Picture is a diagram of what I think my water pipe layout needs to be. I'd really appreciate some advice on what size (plastic) pipe to use please? Most urgently for the 2 long runs to the UVC and Bath etc, as I need to run these through ducts ASAP.
  10. Yes, if SW Suffolk counts as SE. We put the ufh pipes and manifolds in, and the reinforcing mesh. Had a company in to do the pour, approx 200m2 done in 2 days. Separate company did the polishing. It's not perfect by any means, but as a barn conversion rather than high end loft, it's good enough for us. Splitting the job up meant any risks sat with us, but that meant cost savings, and was cheaper than other floor covering options, plus it's what we wanted, ie no carpet, few grout lines.
  11. Just a thought. Lose the corner cupboards and have more of a galley. Hob on wide peninsula, sink on wall.
  12. Definitely not alone. Often the fear of making the wrong decision, or choosing the wrong tradesmen, or not being good enough at it yourself, is paralysing in itself. Not sure it's a solution, but I do find that getting a quote, but then doing it myself is good, as I know however bad I've done it, it's saved a load of £££. Plus, I visit building sites regularly (for my job) and see what kind of horrors go on there. So I console my mistakes with, cheaper, and better too.
  13. I'm siting my airing cupboard above an ufh manifold, I think that will have some losses, combined with mvhr extract above to draw the air through.
  14. My muddy mutts currently get cold hosed outside. In my ongoing barn conversion project I plan on having a thermostatic valve inside, so the outside tap is tepid/warm. Just attach hosepipe and water spray gun to that as normal and they can be grateful it's not as cold as before! Patio laid to fall toward gravel, after hosing dogs, rinse off that area of patio.
  15. I've only cut 1 hole so far, but used a 135mm cutter, like this -