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  1. that would be a good idea Moonshine, but apparently not what she wants. For the record - I plan on fitting an outside mixer-tap to hose my mutts off before they even get near inside! Jack. I'll definitely do as you say and mock up the walls, units and island to make sure it functions as I hope. thanks.
  2. ProDave, an ensuite would have bath, shower, sink, wc. A family bathroom would have the same, thus doubling the number of items that need cleaning. If as everyone says, the ensuite is just for use by occupants of the master bedroom, then all other people in the house use the family bathroom, then they both need cleaning. Tho granted, water use is the same wherever you use it 🙂 Mr Punter. I'm struggling to 'defend' barn 1, as that has been decided by my mother. When I suggested similar to your thoughts (which I think works well), it was dismissed, she wants to be able to access the bathroom from the utility room, to clean dogs off before they hit the main room. You're correct that area above bedrooms is just loft space, and main kitchen/living area will be vaulted. I feel much more comfortable with barn 2, which is where I'll be living.
  3. Jack, I seem to have annoyed you somehow, that was not my intention. I've tried to answer questions and explain as best I can. But I can't respond to statements I don't understand, eg 'awkward', when I don't see what you mean. I gather that you don't like my design, but don't wish to tell me why. We'll leave it there shall we. I absolutely understand why an ensuite would be nice, as you say newhome, I just don't value it highly enough to warrant the space required and extra cleaning generated! If course no one can know exactly where life will take them. I'm glad our barns are single storey as that gives flexibility of itself. And most of the internal walls aren't structural, so not out the question to rejig later if something unexpected happens.
  4. In response to Jack's last point, what am I hoping to achieve - just sharing and discussion. I know forums are great for asking advice etc, but they are also places people browse to see what others have done, and why. I'm happy to have my ideas challenged, I find that the best way to finalise decisions, by either being persuaded or cementing my thoughts. I wonder how many minutes other people spend (with they're eyes open) in a bedroom. I reckon for us it's sub 20mins a day. I think there'll be plenty of natural light from the large skylights, just not views. (I've spent life thus far - walking into bedroom, closing curtain, undressing then sleeping, waking, dressing, opening curtain then leaving the room. So actually don't really need daylight at all!) Jack, "If you can't see from the plan how awkward that diagonal wall and island position are going to be in real life, then all I can suggest is that you get some cardboard and scraps of wood, and build the diagonal walls, island and cabinets (and perhaps even the furniture) in the existing space. I think you may be surprised at how much space is wasted, and how awkward it will feel when you're standing in it." I'd be interested for you to expand on this please, I can fully imagine living in this space, I've been daydreaming about it for years now. In what way do you think it will be awkward? "neither feels like things are where they naturally should be." I find this a slightly odd comment, surely one of the many reasons people self-build is because conventional ideas of 'normal' don't suit them? "There are lots of random nooks and corners without any apparent reason for them. " Please point them out, I'm pretty sure I can explain each and every one in barn 2.
  5. I've been a lurker long enough / read many many threads on this forum to realise people don't hold back on giving opinions, which I think is great 🙂 I wouldn't dare suggest any age-related adaptions to my mum, think I'd be disowned from the family! Tho a worthy conversation, it's just not somewhere we're going to go. She's been a farmer all her life (still is), very fit, and equally as opinionated as me! Yep, that's a staircase between the bedrooms in barn 1, tho this isn't fully decided, may end up as a loft hatch. I think that area is a real waste of space, but again, mum is adamant. The table is what we use now, very roomy for 4, a squeeze for 6, but we have had 7 round it. I love it, will be fine. The diagonal wall is to draw you into the room, also giving a good number of practical spaces for storage (that I feel so many houses lack). I know I'm completely weird, but I don't really see much point to giving good views to bedrooms. In fact I feel the view has then been 'stolen' from everyone else. Plus I hate dark corridors.
  6. I agree Moonshine, if I was living in barn 1 I'd swap the bathroom over with the kitchen, but my mother is adamant that's how she wants it.
  7. I've got some photos ob this thread I'll conceded that rather than "a lot" it could well be "most" people who like ensuites. But you most certainly increase the things that need cleaning by having them. I only have 1 each (bath, shower, sink, toilet), with everyone having easy access. By turning either space into an ensuite would double all that. Regarding the kitchen island, I'll definitely be mocking up with cardboard before finalising the shape, could well be that a more triangular shape will work better. I like there to be space to cross paths with other people without having to turn sideways, including when the dishwasher is open. Layouts of the front doors was set by virtue if the pre-existing entrances to the barns, our 'permitted development' did cause some restrictions, but luckily nothing we weren't happy with. Barn 1 is where my mum will live. She wants to enter via utility room and have easy access to bathroom from there, all to do will her dogs. If that were my side it'd be different no doubt. She also knows exactly which furniture is going where, so no need for that flexibility. We did involve an architect to draw plans for us, we chose him based on his ability to cope with our strong ideas, he did suggest other ideas, but none really took account of how we live.
  8. Thanks for your feedback, I know lots of people like ensuites, but we're not fans of them. They either seem to mean more spaces to clean, or people/kids traipsing thro the bedroom to get to use it. There aren't really upstairs spaces, mostly vaulted ceilings, with a couple of storage areas/lofts.
  9. Thought I'd share this with you guys. It's a very personalised layout, carefully designed to suit our lives. This is on our family farm, so building to suit, not to sell. (don't take any notice of colours, for eg, all the floors will be concrete, no wood)
  10. Jenni

    Hi, from SW Suffolk

    Thanks. Just a camera phone - panoramic setting.
  11. Jenni

    Hi, from SW Suffolk

    and a few pics from this weekend -
  12. Jenni

    Hi, from SW Suffolk

    Hi, thanks for the welcome. Yes Ferdinand, keeping the style with few external changes. Love the tv show, very apt! I'm very much looking forward to having locks on my doors tho! Here's a few mid-stage photos from July/Aug time -
  13. Jenni

    Hi, from SW Suffolk

    Just saying hello really. Glad to have found this forum to learn from while we semi-self-convert a barn conversion. 225 sq m in total, comprising 2 dwellings - a 2 bed 90 sqm, and a 3 bed 135 sqm. Both pretty much single storey. Some history for anyone interested; We went the "permitted development" route, which was approved in November 2016. We had a quote from a local building firm to get us to 'watertight' shell stage, we were happy with it so booked them for a start date of June 2018. The intervening time we spend clearing the contents out (50yrs worth!) and demolishing old livestock pens, removed old floors etc. The builders started on time and we hoped they'd be finished by October, that's drifted a bit, so now hoping they're gone by Christmas! The 'we' is a family affair, I (in my 30's) live in the large farmhouse with my mum, (dad died unexpectedly in 2014). When complete the 2 barns will be where we live (separately), my 2 brothers will then divide and extend the farmhouse for them to live in. Self-build by committee, yep it's tricky! My brothers and I all have full time jobs, mum is virtually full time doing all the admin for the running of our family farm, so our time is limited but we're doing our best. I'd like to be 'in' for the start of the new decade, but this is possibly a bit optimistic. I'll endeavour to use the search function, but will probably have questions for you guys as well. 🙂 Some pics - Front, before it all began - Rear, before it all began -