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  1. All plastered on the inside. Let the painting commence.
  2. Lucy Murray

    Coming together

    Scaffolding coming down next week
  3. Lucy Murray

    We have a roof!

    More progress! Can’t wait to see it with the larch & stone work. Will post another update soon.
  4. Hi, Range cooker or a couple of fan ovens with sep hob?
  5. Lucy Murray


    Da Dahhhhhhhhhhhhh!
  6. We are in the process of looking at windows and doors for our new build. Has anyone installed WarmCore? Any thoughts, positive and negative appreciated.
  7. We have our structural engineers drawings and have taken them to our steel fabricator. Although the drawings specify the type of steels to use they haven't specified the lengths which our fabricator finds unusual. After a brief conversation with the engineer, he has passed the buck to the architect. I've yet to speak to the architect but he has specified in the spec all steelwork sizes etc is confirmed in the engineers drawings. However I find it baffling as to why the engineer as not given the lengths each individual steel needs to made to. Should my fabricator really be expected to try and guage measurements by flicking between architect and engineers drawings? I would have expected a spec sheet with details such as steel A needs to be this length? Am I wrong to assume this? I just find it hard to believe we've paid for drawings yet the fabricator has to take the risk of doing the measuring and obviously if any problems arise they then become his problem. Look forward to any feedback help on this one.
  8. Last weekend we had the structural engineer out checking the ground. Having dug the pits the structural engineer has confirmed that the ground is suitable for building on
  9. We now have planning permission - Scottish Borders Council Planning Reference Number 16/00648/PPP. Scottish Power wires still to move but we're hopeful that this will happen within the next few months... Shortlisting main contractors at the moment. Should have tender documents ready to send out by the end of April. Quietly hoping we'll be on our way with the build by this space. Lucy
  10. Planning permission GRANTED late FEB...
  11. P.S - we live very near your plot and would love to come and see how you're getting on once you've started to build.
  12. Thanks Russell. I shall let you know what happens...