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  1. Siochair

    External roller blinds for windows and doors

    Lizzie if you don’t mind the manually operated aspect would external shutters be of any use?
  2. Siochair

    Building a Passivhaus for life

    Your house is stunning. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Don’t know if this will help in your situation but when I helped out a mate who had become disabled I fitted a vertical handrail at the end of the shower screen. I left plenty of room between them both to avoid his hand being jammed. I used a wooden pole (beach if memory serves) and fixed it floor and ceiling with a couple of bolsters fitted about a third from the floor and ceiling between the pole and the screen. I also fitted matching horizontal handrails on the shower wall. This worked really well for him.
  4. Siochair

    Solutions for stairs with open risers

    What about using something like clear acrylic to bridge the gap?
  5. Siochair

    Any news on Solar panels

    Many years ago a chap I used to work with moved to Australia. His house was fairly remote so was off-grid. He built a ground mounted solar array that tracked the sun. From what I remember he said it was quite rudimentary so cheap to build but did make a huge improvement to yield. Unfortunately he died a few years ago so I can’t get any details of his solution but it might be worthwhile to look into to see if it is either DIY-able or if there is off the shelf solutions now.
  6. Siochair

    Nest home security?

    I am sure the specs will be ok but, as you say Jeremy, there is a question of trust and security. Whilst I like the idea of having a relatively intelligent automated interconnected home I can't imagine it taking long before there are hacks for it. Nor am I confident that I am willing to balance any gain against the price of giving away privacy. Google may be a relatively benign behemoth today but what is to say they will continue to be so tomorrow. Google's track record speaks for itself.
  7. What about using light pipes to give you the distance between the light source and the stove? If that is impractical,then the oven lights mentioned above would probably be a good bet.
  8. Siochair

    Shed bases

    I once had a neighbour who used a plastic grid filled with stones/gravel as a shed base. No idea how long lasting it was as we both moved not long after. I do remember that it was pretty idiot proof to do. He managed both base and shed in just over a morning. I have no idea where he got it from but I am sure there are probably kits available.
  9. Siochair

    Sunamp heat battery

    Excellent. Thanks for the links.
  10. Siochair

    Sunamp heat battery

    Ah sorry. When I spotted this I assumed it was new tech. Either way it looks rather nice.
  11. Siochair

    Sunamp heat battery Just seen the above. It looks like a rather nice development. I have no idea of the costs involved but imagine they will be competitive with grid supplied electricity at least.
  12. Siochair

    Bioethanol fireplace TV Wall

    Does it have to be a real flame? Some of the LCD fires are quite smart.
  13. Siochair

    Glazing Questions Answered

    How about having your "stained" window design printed onto a plastic film you can then stick to a normal window. It might be easier for you to source where you are and also gives the opportunity to easily change it if you want a different design at a later stage.
  14. Hi, I came across Hwam stoves a while ago. They have a wireless temperature sensor that can be used to automatically control the stove output. You can see them at I have no experience of the stoves apart from reading about them on the web.