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  1. @AliG I love this, thank you. Will probably be very expensive, but lets see..
  2. brilliant @RussdlThanks for this. I'm sorry you bottled it. Were you happy with what you went for in the end?
  3. I hadn't thought about condensation at all! What does your architect advise about this? Are you having a warm roof? And wouldn't flashing mitigate the condensation? i'd love to see your architect's detailing if you're open to sharing it? Has he done working drawings yet?
  4. I'm thinking parapet downpipes (from out of the side of the house)
  5. some pictures would be great 👍
  6. Our house design is similar to a house I saw once in Prestbury (see pic of the house I saw, and our design). Fully concealed gutters and aluminium cappings for the gables have been designed and the materials sourced. The only thing I'm struggling to find is a roofer who has experience doing this. My roofer (who is to lay the slates and fit the rooflights) said he'll have a go with bespoke alu lengths, but given any errors in the installation of concealed gutters will most likely put rainwater down the inside of our property, I'm keen to take an any advice from people who have gone down this route, before we mess up. Has anyone else installed concealed gutters and/or aluminium cappings onto the gables in this way? (please, no advice telling me not to go down this route - it's fundamental to the design, and ultimately, it's too late to change nowl!)
  7. laurenco

    Good and responsive architect?

    Can you contact the original architect who is familiar with the project? I've found Architects hate taking on other people's work, but the original guy might be more amenable?
  8. laurenco

    There's a swimming pool under my house

    I suspect you're right @scottishjohn about it leaking and then being filled in. I've had a quote to disc cut the top of the walls and lay them on the pool floor which sounds like the cheapest way forward. I'm waiting to hear back from MBC on whether we can sink a sewer pipe in the 'deep end' and access it through the floor of the house without ruining our insulated foundations.
  9. Thanks @the_r_sole. It's alu-clad triple glazed with an MVHR system. My understanding was that no ventilation was required at all, and the house would be hermetically sealed by the air test.
  10. We've finally approved the drawings for our timber frame house and the erection is slated for January. Time to order our windows. The supplier and the price are both sorted, but something that cannot be agreed upon is whether the windows are installed before or after the house is rendered. MBC and Velfac are adamant the property should be rendered first. Our renderer says not. What has everyone else done in this situation?
  11. laurenco

    There's a swimming pool under my house

    @declan52 unfortunately we don't have the height. With a roof on it, it'd be 1.25m high at best inside. Moving the house forwards on the plot to miss it would take the house too close to the road. Moving the house backwards 3 metres to cover it completely might work, but without the head height it's largely useless. I think we need to abandon it completely and fill it in.
  12. So here's something we found in the ground when levelling our site ... an old swimming pool. I said "under the house" in the title, but it's only under the ground surface level by inches and therefore a basement leisure area is not an option. As it falls half under and half outside our new house's footprint we have a problem. What do we do with it? Remove it all and pay for the concrete to be taken away say. 4 loaders + 1 or 2 days labour Put a metal deck on top and moth ball it. c. £2k materials + 2 days labour. Expensive and doesn't achieve a great deal Fill it in with hardcore and pretend it's not there. Cheap; we have loads of hardcore. Raft foundations will go on top. But will this be safe? We could create a 3m x 2m x 1.25m high wine cellar beneath the kitchen, but I'm trying to guestimate costs and I think it will be thousands of pounds. The glass hatch alone is £2k and that's assuming MBC can work their foundations around this. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? and / or, can anyone offer any other solutions? (nice answers only please 😀)
  13. If we do @Mr Punter I'll let you know