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  1. How far can you get in an hour

    Last year i did 3000 miles round europe, so im sure scotland will be fine
  2. How far can you get in an hour

    Well, ive got 8 days up there. Wont be doing the NC500 as such, as the east side isn't that great, and ive been to JOG more times than i care to remember. Only so many breakfasts you can have at the Seaview Hotel (in case you wondering why, and for those interested : ) So im concentrating on the west coast. Got breakdown cover, but spanners too! At the moment im with the Stag idea, its just the flog there and back thats not so good Any words of wisdom on places to stay or visit always welcome
  3. Crypto currencies

    Im not sure thats true. That it will crash, i think any half sensible person would agree WILL happen. But it might double yet or g up 10 times before that happens.
  4. How far can you get in an hour

    WORSE than St Austell??? Can you say where? Ive done plenty of the middle bits. But reminds me of an experience that re-enforces your point. And i remember this because i was in the same shop in Liskeard last week. Few years ago on holiday, went to buy some magazines for my phone and internet free week off. Bought a few as i recall, about £18 ish. The girl behind the counter was in shock. She just stared at me after taking the £20 from me, then said. Nearly £20 on magazines. She said it again. She genuinely was amazed. That was certainly an eye opener that i wont forget. Sorry if i sound like an American when i say ive "done" cornwall As for the car trip, its either the Maloo, which is by far the better handling car, but modern and WAY to fast at 600bhp, or the Stag, which even when thrashed to within an inch of its life, isn't really going that fast at all.
  5. Crypto currencies

    Im looking for reasons not to.Your not helping
  6. Crypto currencies

    Hmmm. I suppose downloading one s risk free. Im sure using it wont be simple though. I'll report back! Apart from the fact i dont even understand spreadbettng, the fact thay you dont ctually own anything and are in the hands of brokers and people playng with other peoples money means i cant see me going there! Rule number one, trust no-one!!!
  7. How far can you get in an hour

    As it happens............................ Im currently planning a driving holiday in the west of scotland in May. Ive got 9 days, so i may take a detour via that area. Just cant make up my mind what car to take! 1st world problems and all that.
  8. How far can you get in an hour

    Small world!!! Not really a bar type person, so not really an issue. No pub here either. Closed in the sixties. Just cant get over how cheap it is!!! Wife says NO.
  9. Why insulate

    I think i would be getting out the squirty foam pronto!!!
  10. Crypto currencies

    You make it sound so simple.
  11. Crypto currencies

    Im glad you asked! But this is exactly whats driving the bubble!!!
  12. How far can you get in an hour

    Horror is a bit harsh, though i have been to St Austell!!! We should have bought this Stayed here on holiday 4 times. And only a few miles from Falmouth, but might as well be on a different planet. Went for £421K in the end. A semi serious conversation was had about this one. Would be a dramatic life change, and you can never go back
  13. How far can you get in an hour

    Look at this! This would be 5-600K here. Even in that state. All those lovely outbuildings............................... Interesting about going to Belfast instead!
  14. How far can you get in an hour

    Had a peruse on rightmove as you do. Pretty good value up there, considering its not that far north. Nor too far from civilisation.
  15. As above, are they solid walls? If so, you might want to consider, a, why they are damp, b, using lime plaster.