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  1. Steel framed barn? Im all ears. Nothing useful to contribute though. Just something im considering. General-Lee posted a summary of his a couple of weeks ago. Is this north bucks?
  2. I keep looking at this, but quickly realise that it actually starts to get quite expensive. And complicated. I want to water a flower bed using gravity from an IBC/Water butt. But ideally i want to fit some lawn sprinklers too. That means a minimum 1.5 bar. So a pump required. Then we need filtration on the incoming water. I can plonk the storage behind the summer house and collect that water. But its not enough water. The house and patio drain to a soakaway. Thats a lot of water. But how to get it to the the IBC? Ive got a chamber in the soakaway line that i could put a submersible pump into to pump when it rains. But again, more complication and expense. Or i could pump from the river to the IBC. But that 200ft away. So more expense and complication. And some control wiring to make it automatic. Much as its ecologically unsound, turning the tap on is much simpler!
  3. I did once find plastic clip on skirting board, but unless you have arrow straight walls, that probably not going to look brilliant I did toy with the idea attaching the skirting boards with screws and nice brass cup washers, and simply remove after a flood and dry out. If you used a decent timber it should be ok. The main driver behind this is the front of the house is old 9 inch walls with lime plaster and mortar, so needs to dry out. So nothing "waterproof" can go on the wall
  4. Im i correct in assuming you have rendered the walls in lieu of plaster? How does that look? Is it as smooth as plater? Definitely interested in the skirting board options?
  5. I need to do this without any damage. Dry ice blasting looks to be the best way. Sadly, thats not DIY
  6. Oh, i cant help myself. One more Q? Whats the build up of the side walls? Are these fully insulated all the way to the eaves? Ir are you just insulating the rooms independantly of the building?
  7. I started a thread a few weeks ago on exactly this subject. A couple of Q's if i may? What goes on top of the joists in what is the roof void? Are you just leaving it as is? Im unclear on the planning. You say you only got planning for single story. If i understand from the responses to my thread, planning dont care whats inside, only about the outside, and as a consequence and opening such as windows. PS, nice user name, let me share one of my toys..........................
  8. That concrete lip thats outside looks to slope inwards? If so, that needs correcting. Nice floor grinder required. Once thats done, an aluminimum strip, say 10mm high secured to the floor with countersunk screwws with a butyl strip underneath will stop it blowing under the door. I used the ally strip idea at work where we had a level threshold. Did the job for 15 years
  9. I came up to dumfries last year in about may. To see a customer. I had the previous evening to my self, so after consulting pistonheads, as you do, had a good drive round that evening for a couple of hours. Absolutely fabulous. However, the guys in dumfries did say the midges were pretty bad late summer. Or is that not near enough the coast? IE, you need to be actually on it, like you are? I love it, but zero chance of getting the wife that far north Call me miserable, but i like the idea of getting away from people........ PS, i love what you are doing up there. (seen the other thread) Slightly mad, bonkers even, but hats off to you. That house further down the hill looked interesting, if rather a serious undertaking!
  10. Tell me about. My neigbour commutes to canary wharf! I wouldnt, but plenty do. 10 mins drive to Milton Keynes station from here. 30 mins to Euston. Looking around at stuff as per ProDaves suggestion has me out to West Herefordshire or North Devon before im back in budget. Im OK with that. Wife is a little bit more reluctant at the distance. So, its trying to find something not so far away in budget, which is unlikely, or move far enough, which, for the reasons mentioned is probably only a bit more likely. If i can do it in budget, im happy to the majority of the work myself, to cut out the labour element as far as possible. I wouldnt be working as in a job, if i can do it in budget.
  11. Hmmm. Need to look into this further i think. So just why does anyone waste time submitting all these detailed plans, if planning are not interested? Seems like hard work for the sake of it.
  12. This is true. But - freeze to death on the east cost, or get bitten to death on the west! I just love the north west of scotland. Could i live there though? Probably not. I should have been staying in shieldag lodge just 2 weeks ago, but obviously that didnt happen
  13. Absolutely. And this has been the focus of my attention. Probably because im here on this forum, barns aside, im attracted to an energy efficent, low maintenance house. Whilst that can be achieved with a 200 year old farmhouse, its an awful lot of work, probably more work than starting from scratch. Which is why i was looking at modern ag buildings. Build a good modern house inside it, at a lower cost than starting from scratch, and quicker, whilst getting the workshop space into the deal. But quality info on converting modern barns is hard to find. I guess, because, releatively they are few and far between.
  14. I am 50 mins outside the M25. Just outside buckingham. A detached house with 1/2 acre is 800K Minimum. On a good day. Unless its listed. In which case you wont be building one anyway. Ive got 450k ish to play with. I know i need to move.