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  1. shed going up

    What did you do for foundations? Are they 1 metre cubes?
  2. What Do We Listen To?

    First ones not for me, the 2nd, not great, the 3rds OK. Your range of music is wider than mine.
  3. What Do We Listen To?

    No idea what you are on about now?
  4. What Do We Listen To?

    Different. "Not what i usually play, but i like it anyway"
  5. What Do We Listen To?

    This thread deserves the phrase "we continue"
  6. What Do We Listen To?

    As you have posted it, i can admit to owning a copy (club mix maybe?). Marginally less cheesy than this version. I once played Kim Wilde - Heaven (matt darey re-mix) at a club - mostly as i was challenged to do so. Sandwiched it between a couple of other tracks and got away with it. Well, i didn't get bottles thrown at me! I raise you this pair. First one needs volume, lots of it. Second one is a radio edit. Cant find the original on the web
  7. What Do We Listen To?

    Indeed, who knew!! Broke these out earlier Do miss my DJ'ing days
  8. What Do We Listen To?

    Not sure what that says about me with that vinyl up there ^ ^ ^ ?
  9. What Do We Listen To?

    In the mix right now Some classic trance taking a pounding right now.........
  10. Fortunately its not a combi. Hot water tank right next to bathroom. Takes seconds..
  11. There is another pipe coming out of the house near the boiler which drips water sometimes,. Im assuming some other condensate of some sort? Not really sure. Thats going on the floor next to the foundations too. Just another reason to move it. Sadly no pics yet
  12. Ok, thats an interesting update. No cause for alarm then. Nice Mclaren P1 should cover it then
  13. Errr, yes they are. Included in the 2040 ban.