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  1. Roger440

    Building regs approval

    Because a private BCO is more likely to be helpful and pragmatic, unlike council types whose only mission in life is often (not always) to make your life as difficult as possible. Obviously if you do get a sensible council BCO, then its all good. On my garage, council wanted 3m deep trench foundations. Private BCO was happy with a raft.
  2. Roger440

    Painting steel

    If it were me, if any of its outside the interior envelope, id prime it with this : When i did my steels, I painted them with automotive direct gloss 2 pack. Sprayed. But over etch primer as it was all inside. But you could do it with a roller, which will be close in terms of finish, but will require 3-4 coats as its quite runny. The end result will be tough, resist rust, and if you spray it look really good. Dont spray 2 pack without the right gear though!
  3. Roger440

    Nice Plot in Charlton, North Oxfordshire.

    Thats a rare find round these parts!
  4. Roger440

    Electrolysis Tank

    Knock the weights off. Or they wont be there when you take the wheel out. Plus they will contaminate your tank.
  5. Roger440

    Sewage Waste Treatment Tank / system

    Down here you cant use a soakaway. Discharge to water course OR drainage field. Not that most BCO's actually realise i will add!
  6. Roger440

    Sewage Waste Treatment Tank / system

    Not wishing to make matters worse, but if this is a new build, you must apply for planing as well now (since 2015). As far as i can tell this is because they will no longer permit a new sewage treatment installation if a sewer is available within 50 meters. If you are replacing a failed septic, thats a different story. However, be aware that a lot of your area is a protected groundwater area, so, you cant as i understand it, install a new sewage treatment plant without specific EA apprval. Im not far away from you and have researched this to death. Firtunately, i just need to replace what i have and am outside the problem area, and certainly no sewage main withing 50 meters!
  7. Roger440

    Nice, but need deep pockets

    I thought it was resonable. But then round here there would be 50 houses on that and it would be £1.5 million!!
  8. What Jeremy suggested. If its an Oak frame jobbie, 6 piles of some sort, then do the floor in block paving. Worst that can happen is the paving moves a bit in the long term. Which can easily be re-levelled. As Jeremy also suggested, we seem to regard trench foundations as the answer to everything, which from an engineering perspective makes no sense to me. We dont even put steel re-inforcement in most of them!
  9. Roger440

    Rented properties, shared septic tank

    In my case there is a covenant on both properties which makes the owners of both properties responsible for the system. The plant is in my garden, and uses my power, but if i turned it off, what does that achieve. I then wont be able to live there. Im struggling to understand the issue?
  10. Roger440

    Proper Downlights / Airtight

    Ok, i get that. But why not just foam it in? Once you trim it back flush with the top of your insulation, maybe even stick some foil over it surely that as good as it gets?
  11. Roger440

    Proper Downlights / Airtight

    As i spent the weekend trying to sort out downlights (not fire rated in the downstairs kitchen signed off by the BCO!) im struggling to understand why you didn't just use the downlight you have (the enlite one). Why the hood, sealant etc, as the downlight meets the regs does it not. Is it just SOLELY for the reasons stated i your last sentence?
  12. Roger440

    Copyright abuse?

    All good then, though i have to say, i was with Jack on this one. Lifes just too short. Ive let people get away with things they shoudn't have, but, frankly id rather be getting on with life than necessarily being right.
  13. Roger440

    Multi tool choices

    Bought enough cheap tools in my life!
  14. Roger440

    Multi tool choices

  15. Roger440

    Multi tool choices

    Hmmmm............................................................... No!