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  1. Rented properties, shared septic tank

    In my case there is a covenant on both properties which makes the owners of both properties responsible for the system. The plant is in my garden, and uses my power, but if i turned it off, what does that achieve. I then wont be able to live there. Im struggling to understand the issue?
  2. Proper Downlights / Airtight

    Ok, i get that. But why not just foam it in? Once you trim it back flush with the top of your insulation, maybe even stick some foil over it surely that as good as it gets?
  3. Proper Downlights / Airtight

    As i spent the weekend trying to sort out downlights (not fire rated in the downstairs kitchen signed off by the BCO!) im struggling to understand why you didn't just use the downlight you have (the enlite one). Why the hood, sealant etc, as the downlight meets the regs does it not. Is it just SOLELY for the reasons stated i your last sentence?
  4. Copyright abuse?

    All good then, though i have to say, i was with Jack on this one. Lifes just too short. Ive let people get away with things they shoudn't have, but, frankly id rather be getting on with life than necessarily being right.
  5. Multi tool choices

    Bought enough cheap tools in my life!
  6. Multi tool choices

  7. Multi tool choices

    Hmmmm............................................................... No!
  8. Multi tool choices

    So we are down to Fein, makita, bosch or Dewalt. Question now is battery or mains. I love battery tools for the lack of a lead, but my experience of battery stuff isn't that good, i suspect becuase the use of any individual tol tends to be occasional. I might not use something for a year!
  9. Multi tool choices

    Thanks chaps, i'll take a look at these tommorow.
  10. Multi tool choices

    I have reached the point i need to buy a multi tool, as this is, clearly, an ommision from my range of man tools. Question is, which one to buy. Any thoughts and experiences on what works or doesn't much appreciated.
  11. Given your proximity to me, you will need more than 4 phones. If you find anyone who turns up and does a half decent job, let me know!!!
  12. inset door mat

    Ive got one similar to this. On a small area like the one we are talking about, this will be pretty quick. Like Nick said, protect the vunerable stuff.
  13. Plaster cracks

    Why not indeed? Frankly, its amazing we a still messing around with plaster for stuff like this in the 21st century. But progress is slow in the building game.
  14. If its got a slate DPC, then thats different. From what you said, i thought it simply didn't have one - like my place. You might well be OK. I still think injection is a waste of time. No one can expain how this will fully penetrate a brick and make it water proof.....................................
  15. But that has a DPC. Your refurb doesn't.