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Working on the roof and waiting for the slate delivery



This covers the past few weekends of family effort. My friendly builder Jeff is finishing off another job for my electrician (the Island is a small place) so we're been plodding along on our own.


First, we needed to screw down the 50x38 counter battens at 300mm centres. The first pair in place with me balancing on the north side with my new roof ladder.



The battens themselves are to be spaced at 600mm centres, but because we were worried about high winds that weekend we put up every other batten across the whole roof. This should hold the membrane secure for a while. This is the south side where the solar array will eventually go. (Yes, the wrinkles in the membrane do annoy me.)



Battening calls for new toys and ear defenders. I bought an ex demo 1st fix nail gun for a good price. I'm very pleased with it, and nothing that moves when it shouldn't is safe now.

We are fitting 300x600mm slates when they arrive with a headlap of 80mm. Our BCO has agreed this is sufficient. This makes the batten gauge 260mm.



 About half way up now. I'm tired, so it's time for a quick snooze. SIPS is good for this - more comfortable than it looks!



Getting there slowly. Making the joints come out in the right places without a lot of waste is a good game on a long piece of roof.



My daughter is firmly of the opinion that I've built the largest climbing frame on the Island. Just for her amusement.

We test fitted the first piece of continuous dry verge (aka annoying black snake). I'm pleased we went for this instead of the sectional version even if it is awkward to handle.



A quick QA visit from Griff and Raffe making sure  there's nothing too badly wrong.



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11 minutes ago, Russell griffiths said:

why no glasses

Look again. Had glasses on the whole time. 

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22 minutes ago, dnb said:

Look again. Had glasses on the whole time. 


I'd say glasses or very big bags under your eyes!


Looking good! (The house that is, you look dog rough 😂)

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Those Bolle safety sunglasses. To hide the 

17 minutes ago, Onoff said:

very big bags

from working too hard on what feels like 2 full time jobs. 

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13 minutes ago, Russell griffiths said:

Ok cool 👍👍 fuzzy pic 

Not a problem. You are dead right to call anyone on safety issues. 👍


And yes, Onoff is right. I was a bit rough in those photos. It was 36 degrees that day.

Edited by dnb

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25 minutes ago, dnb said:

And yes, Onoff is right. I was a bit rough in those photos. It was 36 degrees that day.


What us grockel, overners would call "minging" then!



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