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What a difference a day makes...



There have been a few delays along the way, but now the largest work package is well and truly under way. The last 24 hours has seen the house go from 300mm out of the ground to 2.7 metres.


The front door and stairwell on the left and family room doors on the right.



Unloading the second trailer load of parts. Running out of space on site now!



First floor joists going in. With another view of the stairwell window



Inside the lounge



Proof that the SIPS team and I had the same plan. Or were very lucky!



And tomorrow the team are going to install these parts...



It really is impressive how fast the house is going up now.

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Really pleased for you. Looks great. 


Some rain over the next few days. Will that affect anything?

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Thanks! It would be fair to say I am both relieved my bits of the job were to a good enough standard and extremely happy that finally it is all coming together.

The weather will probably slow them down a bit - might loose a day or so - but we've been pretty lucky with the weather so far having seen rain on the other side of the Solent with it still fine on site so I am hoping this continues for at least a couple more days.

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Always a great day when the frame starts to go up.


I'm with you on the relief that the two bits match up - we had another contractor do the basement and even with re-measuring etc you're still convinced that something will go wrong.


Not seen that joist type before, do you just cut your own penetrations for fouls, MVHR, etc..?

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I only had myself to blame if the frame and base were different sizes! I laid out the site and built a large part of the blockwork.


They are Steico joists. Yes, penetrations are cut in the joist centres where needed. I have been given a set of rules to follow as to spacings and sizes etc. Very much looking forward to getting to that stage now!

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