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6 days in. So far, so good.




We have seen huge changes on site in the last couple of days. The SIPS team have worked very hard to keep things on track. I can't fault anything they have done. All the walls are in place now and we're waiting for the scaffolding to have the last lift built so the roof lift can happen, planned for early afternoon on Monday.


Craning the roof panels into the assembly area.



The small part of the L shape roof that goes over the master bedroom sitting waiting to be lifted. 



The front gable end is nearly completed.



The rear elevation as seen from the lower part of the tiered garden.



This is the veiw we'll get when driving in to the driveway. It gives a good view of the lounge and front door.



Steico joists, a few steels and glulam beams for the ceiling of the first floor.  The racking walls are waiting for covering. This leaves me with one or two sections of stud wall to install myself to complete the first floor layout.



The master bedroom. We now have a view on what the vaulted ceiling is going to be like in here.



The other side of the bedroom half round window, looking at the racking wall to support the far end of the purlin.



Here's hoping the scaffolders will show up promptly on Monday morning having been allowed to go to the pub for the first time in an age!

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This is usually the point where your wife says "oh the kitchen is not tiny after all"

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An admission of being wrong? From the boss? The best I will get is "Well, I suppose it will do..." ?


To be fair, the kitchen isn't huge at 4.5m x 4m.

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