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We found - water!



Drama broke out earlier today with the discovery of our water pipe. Discovered by the digger going though it....


A few months ago in the absence of locating our internal stop tap (likely because it's somewhere behind the fitted kitchen units) the water company came out to try and locate the external one. Three house after they arrived....




They did say it's somewhere between the houses the other side of the bridge and us - but there is a canal and bridge in between us and them and they couldn't locate it. Strange but true. They did say if the builders found it they could then come out and try and track it from the pipe so Severn Trent are back again Friday.


So just over a week in and we have partly dug out footings for the kitchen extension, office and Airbnb bedroom/ensuite. After 2 years of seeing everything on plans it's all very exciting actually seeing the space.



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Did he "find" it without severing it?


Nice tidy foundation trenches.

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9 hours ago, ProDave said:

Did he "find" it without severing it?


Nice tidy foundation trenches.


Unfortunately not! In true fashion it was not quite where they expected it and almost double backed on itself as the house must have had a water feed in the garage at some point although there was no evidence of there ever being water in the garage when it was demolished!


At least we know where it is now!

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What size is that water supply pipe ? I hope it is large enough to bring you in ample water for you new larger house. (Extra bathrooms etc)

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