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Do you like my spreadsheet?



Painting commenced on 6th March and was finished about two weeks ago.  I heavily underestimated the time this would take.  By about 4 months.

White everywhere so it was hard to tell where we were at after the first two coats.  Our favourite whiteboard "spreadsheet" tracked progress and filling it in gave great joy. 












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4 coats is impressive - I think we only had 3.


Bet you can't wait for the kids to get their fingerprints all over it now :)


Well done!

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WOW! Kudos for sticking at it.


Why four coats? I think we just have a base coat and a top coat, and it looks pretty good in most places.

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4 coats as that's what the Dulux trade person told me.  2 wash coats with the cheap stuff and then 2 top coats with the more expensive stuff.  Sprayed the wash coats, rolled the top coats.  Everything is brilliant white.  Very hard to see where you are have done after 2 coats though....

On 20/09/2019 at 07:53, Bitpipe said:

Bet you can't wait for the kids to get their fingerprints all over it now :)


I can't imagine we'll be bothered about touching it up - it'll be like the Forth bridge....

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