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The Wee House Company



Came across this earlier c/o a Homebuilding and Renovating Ad post. Fascinating outfit and based on traditional Northern vernacular...I understand that these modest houses wouldn't suit the massive collection of sofas and picture window brigade but hey what a great starter or retirement home...It's an excellent website too extending to options, interviews and videos of processes etc. Well done the team and Lady behind it all.




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Yes, an interesting concept, a bit more realistic than the 'tiny house' movement IMHO. The scale and materials are very similar to my own project.


I'm personally a bit torn on the issue of what size new houses should be. As a society in general we expect/demand everything to be bigger and better- whether it's a phone, a fridge, a car, or a house. And I think this is part of the reason why new houses are out of the reach of too many people. We demand an en suite bedroom for every person in the house, plus a guest room, a play room, an integral garage, a utility room, etc etc.No wonder houses are so expensive!

On the other hand, the size of a house is only one part of the total cost- land and services being a huge part- and if you are going to all the trouble of building, it's a bit shortsighted to cut the size right down if that leads to a house that is of only niche interest and limited market value.

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To me that is probably inspired by Victorian Tin Tabernacles.



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I like them...nice website to browse.

Apprentice type scheme and sparkling testimonials too. 

That said, could do it myself for half the price but good luck to them.

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I remember seeing them before and when I heard the price I thought it included the plot... need to work on the economics and could seriously make money !

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I guess from the dimensions they have 200mm thick walls.

Tongue and groove interior works too plus grandad should really sleep in the garden ?

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