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What is this mini beam in my 1850 wall?


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Can anyone advise me what this mini beam is that we have discovered in my cottage end wall?


We are patching rendering and have found 2 small beams in the gable wall of my 1850s cottage. It is original. The one on the LHS is completely rotten, but I am not aware it has caused any structural failure or that anything has moved.


I am not sure what it is for. It cannot be part of a roof truss as the horizontal is not all the way across - unless there is a type of semi-truss which relies on the joing from the beam to the wall to provide the strength in tension.


It is to support any orthogonal joist as the other side of that wall at that point is a bedroom not a roof.


It almost looks like a mini wall plate for the table wall.


The wall is only half brick.


As I cannot see any real issues, I am inclin d simply to tprake it out and full with bricks and mortar.


Ant comments would be most welcome.


As an indicator of how mini this house is, I think the top platform on @Mr Punter‘S scaffold tower is at about 3.7m.













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Yes, no doubt an old lintel over an opening of some sort.


Our house had something similar. What is now the dining room had an old lintel over a filled in opening in the corner and a window had been enlarged on the outside to make a gothic style frame, but they left the old lintel on the inside, but cut the outside lintel and left the ends of it in the wall.



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