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Tiling Bathroom Floor


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Well it is nothing drastically stunning like some of the tiling jobs i have seen on here.

but i DO have 2 bathrooms to do in our self build ...not so big about 2x3M each


Its ONLY the floor ...as I will get a REAL tradesman to do the little ones on the wall.

But i need to get these done to fit the sanitary ware etc and i thought i would "have a go" 




the floors are 22mm Structural Ply ..solid as a rock they are ....

but just in case (and lookig at Youtube advice)


I have bought some 6mm Hardbacker and I will screw this down on thinfix to the floor

for added stability


I had planned to then just use my flexible adhesive to fix the tiles and flexible grout to finish and VOILA..done!


but a tradesman (Joiner) said i should really "tank" the floor ...hmmm.

I am already adding 6-8mm for the hardback and thinset and then say another 6-7mm for the adhesive and they are a 10mm tile to boot!!

...So I am already into quite a transition from the carpet and thick underlay planned for the landing.


what do you think he meant by "tanking" ...I  mean I was already thinking of slapping some PVA on the floor before the thinset and hardback
..or would this hurt adhesion


I mean i thought tanking was for cellars, wetrooms or swimming pools ..I mean how much water can splash out of a bath when me and the wife get in ?


...not at the same time ....cheeky!

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You don’t need to tank unlesss it’s a wet room

You can use a thin layer of flexible adhesive prior to put your hardy down if the floor is a bit uneven 

But bands of baker glue will be quiker and.Better 

Two tube per floor 

Which ever you decide you will need to screw the backer down every 150 

Before tilling you will need to seal the backer with a 3-1 mix of SBR 

Don’t use unibond or simalar 


Your floor should be done after the walls

and toilet and sink left out till all is complete 


Hope this helps 


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