Extractors: Gaggenau vs Bora vs Miele

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5 hours ago, ryder72 said:

An extractor in vented mode would get rid of smell, steam and trap grease.


In recirculation mode, particularly in houses with MVHR systems, the MVHR deals with the smell and steam remarkably effectively. However, grease is another matter. If the grease isnt trapped, its going to go somewhere. Typically this will end up on the units, worktop, floor & even walls in the room making these harder to clean and also a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus. It also tends to start smelly musty in time. This obviously does depend on individual cooking habits.


A good extractor is worth it.


Most of the venting hobs, while very good, command a substantial premium over most other alternatives. Only the user can decide what this is worth to them but personally .


I don't think that there can be a general answer as to whether an extractor is needed or not.  We never, ever, fry foods, nor do we roast food, in fact I'm pretty sure we never use fat or oil when cooking (as in I can't find any in our cupboards).  As such, water vapour and smells are the only thing the ventilation system has to deal with, and there's no sign of anything in the extract ducts at all, so far.

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I contacted a supplier for a quote on the Novy panorama - a very stylish bit of kit.  Sadly, way out of my price range as the best price they would offer was £3580.  Eek!  I thought the Gutmann abajo was expensive (quoted £2300 inc VAT) but not stratospherically so like the Novy one.  Never mind.

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