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Improving ventilation in a chalet bungalow


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I need to improve the ventilation of my own house (2009 chalet bingalow conversion, done to roughly 2010 regs), as it now needs to run slightly warmer for parent comfort reasons and is starting to feel a little stuffy (need to check humidity).


In theory I could fit an MVHR, but it is a warm roof chalet bungalow conversion so that would be more than a little complicated, and also of course it would be a big disturbance.


The plan is to try:


1 - a PIV unit upstairs - which will be on a wall on the landing not a ceiling with the unit in a space behind a stud wall in the roof angle, as nearly all the ceilings are sloping and if I get into the tiny roof voids it will be very tricky outside.

2 -  Replace both upstairs and downstairs bathroom fans with (100mm) dMEV fans.

3 - If necessary trim a few mm off bathroom doors.


I would welcome any comments. I am not expecting a transformation, just an improvement.


I routinely fit PIVs in rented properties, and a HR fan somewhere downstairs, and all of the installations have worked well.


Any comments would be most welcome.





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I was half thinking similar myself. Elderly patents, both coming up 90. Chalet bungalow with a plasterboard tent dormer. Put bluntly Mum is doubly incontinent (also diabetic, mixed dementia etc). Dad is insistent he cleans, but doesn't really to the extent Mum used to. Consequently the place is pretty grim. Heat turned up, windows kept closed. There's black mould in the corners up by the ceiling etc. 


I was thinking how much healthier the environment would be for them and other old people in general if there was a subtle, whole house ventilation system. Another case for building housing stock to passive standards I reckon.

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