How long can vermin live in a sealed cavity?

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3 minutes ago, newhome said:


Ha ha, I used to keep my horse on a farm that also had pigs and sheep. The farmer's kids and their friends used to camp out in the barn overnight on a 'shoot the rats' sleep over! They were stopped from doing it in the end as they kept blowing holes through the roof. I just hate rats. Can't be dealing with them at all after one grabbed my coat when I put my hand into one of the feed bins. I screamed the place down and the farmer came in, it ran into the corner of the room and he skewered it with a pitchfork. Never been able to be near one since although I had to deal with dead ones for A level biology. Dissection and creating a scientific drawing was part of the exam back then. 


We used to do much the same, practically camp out in the barns, at night, keeping dead quiet and waiting for the rats to pop up.  The great thing about having young weaners in the pens was that there were heat lamps running, so the barn was warm and we could see to shoot the rats.


My cousin's gran used to keep chickens on their farm, and his party trick was to stick a sheet of wrinkly tin on the ground by the chicken pen and leave it for a few weeks so that the rats felt safe nesting under it.  He'd then get his dad's 12 bore, don a pair of steelies and kick the sheet of wrinkly tin in the air whilst letting the rats underneath have both barrels.


We had to dissect a frog and a rat in biology, which was OK, but the really fun dissection was when I bought in a pigs head from home.  Had to borrow a hacksaw from the metalwork shop to cut its skull open to get the brain out...

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