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Insect mesh help please - stainless steel or plastic or ?


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We need to put some insect mesh on our parapet roof edges.  Got to allow ventilation into roof but stop the insects.  Soon the parapet will be covered by a Sarnafil roof covering which will overhang, still letting ventilation come up but effectively weatherproofing the mesh.  What sort of mesh would you use?  Stainless steel (expensive but longer lasting) or plastic (cheaper but will it last?) or PVC coated woven fibreglass?  Or something else?  And will a staple gun do to fix it - if so, any clues on staple sizes?  This is Saturday's job so going to need to order some stuff pronto.


Sorry no photo - too dark to take one now.

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On 09/08/2018 at 06:23, Ian said:

I replaced all our plastic mesh with stainless steel but I was more concerned with keeping the mice out rather than insects. I managed to source cheap rolls of SS offcut from this company: 


Thanks @Ian - stainless steel insect mesh arrived today with a staple gun so some fun will be had this week trying to attach it.  www.themeshcompany.com very helpful and quick delivery.  Got some rat mesh too for covering our EPS.

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