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Fixing compacfoam

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Can we see your full threshold detail please? Normally the compact form would sit on top of the block, replacing the traditional concrete.

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I think you need to stop and start a new thread on how to fix everything there. 
in your original post it was pointed out the poor design and cold bridge, as I thought you had already built this I didn’t bother pushing it. 

now seeing that picture it shows the cold bridge is still there and you are in a position to fix it. 

and being that the block has just cracked it will give you chance to fix that bit as well 


your door needs to sit on a layer of some form of insulation, you then need insulation up the front

insulating the front and leaving the doors sitting on that block work you are asking to have a drippy wet internal cill. 

take a wider angle picture or a drawing showing your external insulation added. 


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I’m not saying this is right, but attached are the drawing I was sent by door company and what I’ve actually done. Their method wasn’t going to work for me as I’ve got block and beam floor, so there is no inner leaf where the doors are. 




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On 15/06/2024 at 11:48, Mr Punter said:

Resin fixings would be better as they don't expand.  Clean the holes thoroughly before you resin.


The resin fixings worked a dream, thank you!

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