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Gravel Patio excavation disocvered random drain pipe - how to protect it?


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Hi and thanks in advance for any help people can offer.


I am currently excavating behind my house to build a Gravel Patio and have discovered a drain pipe that runs diagonally across the back of my house and into the neighbors garden. I have no idea where the inlet is as it is not running in the direction of the neighbors house which is adjacent to mine and there is no other building in the direction of travel for about a mile. The pipe then connects to the down pipe at the back of my house that the gutter runs into. That said my main concern is how to protect it rather than where it come from.


The Patio will have 100mm of MOT 10mm of sand and then 50mm of gravel in gravel girds. I was going to hire a Wacker Plate to compress the MOT. I am assuming I cannot just lob some MOT down over the top of this. I was planning to dig a trench either side lay some bricks either side and then place something over the top a bit like a lintel and then fill the trench with either sand or gravel.


My questions..

  1. Does this sound a reasonable idea?
  2. Should i use bricks or concrete blocks? I have a nice collection of bricks I have dug up left over by the builders.
  3. What should I use as a base for the bricks/blocks? Concrete or compacted MOT
  4. What should i fill the gap between the blocks and pipe with? Sand or Gravel?
  5. What could i use to place on top of the bricks/blocks to protect the pipe? The neighbour suggested cutting paving slabs.
  6. Do I need to mortar it all together or will gravity do the work?


Thanks again for any advice people may be able to offer.



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Assuming you won’t be running large vehicles over the patio, MOT straight over, compacted and you will be ok. Slabs over the top are likely to cause more damage as they settle.

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Ok thanks for the reply, It is the back garden so no vehicles will be going over the top. If i just throw down MOT would i be better of using the Hand Tamper over the pipe and the Wacker Plate for the rest of the space?


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