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Washing Machine Waste

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Hi All


Due to some changes in our kitchen design I have now moved our washing machine into the plant room. The plumber has put a waste pipe in for it but as you can see from the picture it needs extending to make it work


In my previous house it was just stuck down the pipe, however would it be better to install a proper adaptor for it to be jubilee clipped on?


Also all my waste goes in the foul drainage so will it need a trap putting on it?


As you can tell by these questions I am not a plumber so any suggestions/ best ways to do it very much appreciated as the mrs is now on my back! :)



WM Waste (2).jpg

WM Waste (1).jpg

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It would be good to see what it connects to in the floor?


I suspect the duct tape around the tundish means there is no trap and that is a bodge to stop the smell.  Ideally a normal wet trap for the washing machine and a waterless trap for the tundish.

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Posted (edited)

Could i also put a Hepvo waste in the washing machine waste too? Just for ease as would mean very little pipe mods and it might be a pain to get a traditional waste in there



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1 hour ago, richo106 said:

The tundish has a spring return valve in the middle of it, is this suffice? Or would it a Hepvo straight trap be better on the straight run of pipe on the tank?





So this hepvo can be mounted horizontally or vertically?  
Can it be used for the kitchen sink too?

If so that’s brilliant, could reduce the space taken up with the traps in my cupboards.  


Or is there a downside I’ve not thought of?

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Forgot to ask about disadvantages, and there always are some!
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