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Sliding Door Level Threshold Detail EWI

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Hi. What do you think about this detail.


4m sliding doors to be installed 50mm out into the 100mm EWI. Supported by 4x2 screwed into masonry. aka picture frame.

Level threshold in and out. 

Other options I’ve thought about, compacfoam (pricey), keeping door on blockwork (thermal bridge)


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No idea at what stage of the build you are at but our sliding doors are sat on a GRP angle which pretty much eliminates the thermal bridge. The GRP angle is tied in to our slab so may not be feasible for you. 

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Posted (edited)

The timber idea is terrible use something appropriate for sitting down there, compac foam or plastic angle. 

why can you not use the fibreglass angle. 

if your drawing is correct you already have a big thermal bridge from the blocks to the floor

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I'm with @Russell griffiths, you have good cold bridge below your door. Notice you don't even have an insulation upstand for your concrete, that's an omission.

You need an insulation material in the door threshold that can take structural loads.


Compacfoam would be a good solution. You can screw this to the blockwork as you would have done with the wood.

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27 minutes ago, LiamJones said:


Is just like eps, but rock solid, just treat it as structural insulation. If you were specified 400mm centres for the wood, just do like for like.

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