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How Do I Fix 3 x 2 timbers to dot and dab plasterboard

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I have 20mm expanded polystyrene plasterboard dot and dabbed to external brick wall which is dry and has been fine for 15 years.


I don't want to remove this, but to add 3 x 2 studwork infilled with celotex and then insulated plasterboard over the timber.


How do I fix the 60mm timbers to the existing wall?  I can't find any fixing long enough?



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180 or 200mm concrete screws. You'll need an SDS drill with a 6x250mm bit and a decent impact driver for driving the 7.5mm screws in. Also get a bag of window packers so you can everything nicely straightened out.

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13 hours ago, nod said:

Make a stud partition and fix to the floor and ceiling You don’t need to fix to the wall

in my own situation I have a crappy old lath and plaster ceiling above with no joists to go into as they run in the same direction as my stud. What i did was concrete screw timber directly to the brick wall behind and then frame out from there. Double the timber but it makes it sturdy enough with a 100mm void for services and sound deadening. Not sure if the original poster is in the same situation.

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