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Am I reading this correctly? Direct to concrete is actually better than buying windows bucks?

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Why would you use a window buck in an icf, unless you live in the states. Most the drawings in the paper give quite a thermal bridge. 

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20 hours ago, MariaD said:

ICF-Field-Test-Report.pdf (bchousing.org)


According to the tests documented in the above link, it would be better not to but windows buck for better air and water impermeability.

Did any of you used or not used windows bucks for your own house?

I read this report when I was researching ICF for my build. USA windows circa 2014 are very different to UK or European style casement windows. Back then they struggled to achieve water tightness, let alone air tightness. We don’t use this approach here. 

There are some older ICF systems that don’t deal with junctions very well. 




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