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Substructure costs


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i I have just had my first quote through and fell of my chair. They are quoting £87k for 198m substructure (ie £440 per m). This includes foundations, over site, masonry, sleeper wall, ground floor make up and thresholds. 

The house is timber frame on block and beam so I am a little confused by the above breakdown. I get the foundation - ie strips of concrete. Thresholds we had drawings from architect so again get that. 

what is the over site and sleep wall? We don’t have these on our foundation drawings.


would the ground floor make up be the block and beam with insulation, damp proofing etc? Our heating guy was going to do the screed so wonder if this is being double counted?


can anyone give me an idea of price per meter you would expect for substructure (exc drains)?


MBC quoted for doing a raft foundation and it was cheaper than this which I was not expecting - not least because my architect said to do block and beam because it is cheaper.


finally, they have also quoted another £20k for a telehandler - in addition to above. Is that reasonable - honestly I couldn’t believe this. I have just had the demolition done for £8k and they had telehandler, diggers and other machines there for 2 weeks so I assume this is a mistake or they are taking the mick.


we have been struggling for a few months to find anyone to quote and these guys have come in £200k over what I was expecting.

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Oversite is a layer of concrete about 50mm thick to cap the soil beneath the suspended floor.


Sleeper walls are walls which just support the suspended floor. They may be added to subdivide the spans of the beam and block

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Thanks. So foundations, over site, masonry, sleeper wall, ground floor make up and thresholds is quite comparable with a raft foundation.

does anyone know how much it costs to prep the ground for a raft? 

I am just blown away that block and beam seems to be a lot more expensive than raft (which is supposed to be expensive).

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If your having an MBC frame then get MBC to do the insulated slab, unless for any structural reason you can’t have it. 
you won’t save a lot by changing spec, 

Just use the full package because its extremely good. 

being a bit harsh here, you need to go and do some home work, go and look at some houses being built, learn what each thing is called, if you don’t know what your buying you are going to get your pants pulled down. 

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