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Recommendations for double/triple glazing unit suppliers?

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There used to be a Pilkingtons office a mile or so away and I used to source replacement DGUs direct from there. But no longer.


Can anyone recommend a best quality source for DGUs and/or also one that will do the more unusual outer panes e.g. solar control?


TIA, Alan

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I helped my son and daughter in law with to source DGU's. They live in the New Forest so I can't recommend a supplier. However, I found


  • that most traditional,  and usually well established, glaziers/glazing companies  in that area were very capable of supplying  and installing replacement DGU's  in existing window frames. They were also competitive and made a site  visit and measure before finalising quotations. They also installed, after removing the old blown DGU's and removed all the old materials.  
  • the companies who supply and install replacement windows were only interested selling complete new windows/frames or supplying DGU'S that were not specified for the existing windows, because they only supplied DGU's which were suitable for modern plastic frames formats (too thick for the existing frames).


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On 03/04/2024 at 17:28, Alan Ambrose said:

Anyone? @craig :)

It depends, theres so many that can make good quality and bad. A lot that cannot make the triple glazed units.


Clayton Glass

John Knight glass 


A couple of good suppliers.

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OK ta, will give those a try. I also found SealedUnitsOnline aka Ipswich glass. They get mixed reviews, but after calling into their offices and talking to one of their counter guys, I was a bit re-assured.

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