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how to tile a kitchen wall behind gas hob if it's already painted?

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hi all,


I need a bit of help. we built an extension, all done now, more or less. walls are typical masonry walls (brick out, block in), hardwall plaster + skim. I painted the walls white, a think layer, seems to be holding ok.


I now want to tile behind the gas hob, but not sure what preparations to make. how do I make sure my tiles will bond to the wall properly? PVA? do I scrape the wall? special adhesive?


also, can someone recommend a ready made, decent adhesive for a DIY job?


thank you!

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Any decent flexible tile adhesive should stick. What paint is it? If vinyl then you may find it will come away in sheets if you get behind it, if so peel it off where you are tiling, if it’s stuck well then tile over it.

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