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Sinking / embedding steels

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Yep, it’s a PITA you cut out the ridge and cut the rafters back to the correct length, then fit a timber into the web of the steel and lift it up to the full height. 
it can be easier to remove all the old rafters and ridge and replace with new steel ridge and wooden rafters. 

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Thanks Russell. With the steels that are going in lower (around floor level) is there anything that can be done?


I'm trying to understand what can be done to give more height in a loft conversion when head height is tight..


On the quotation we were given 'sinking the steels' was given but now the builder has turned up he is saying that its not a thing..!



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Increasing head height in a loft can be done by raising the ridge/rafters or by dropping the ceiling height of the floor below. I think sinking the steels has been used to describe putting the new floor beams in with their bottoms below present ceiling height - yes it gains loft height but is messy and a PITA to do.

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That was discussed but couldnt be faced! 


Here are the plans if they 'shine any light'?


(I'm now thinking it was something they said as part of the 'sell'!)










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