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Carpet under stud wall

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Not a builder, so this is a general advice question.

Upstairs a stud wall has been put inbetween 2 bedrooms. It's been put onto the carpet, not straight on the floor, but it is very securely attached to the floor, through the carpet. I'm now getting new carpets in both rooms, so after cutting and removing the old ones, there will be in effect be a little slice of old carpet under the stud wall. Seems very strange to me, can't think of good reason why it was done this way, but maybe it's quite common, I don't know.

Is this a problem at all? Should I leave it, or can/should something be done? Don't want to have everything re-plaster again.




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I did this when building the airing cupboard in my small bedroom.  It was infinitely easier to carpet the whole room before the cupboard went in, rather than try and cut it round both sides of the wall as the same carpet continues inside the cupboard.


BUT I then when marking out where the stud wall was going, cut that strip out of the carpet so the stud wall sits on the floor not the carpet.  I guess they were too lazy to do that step.

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Is this a problem at all? Should I leave it, or can/should something be done?

No it's fine.


The reason they did it in the first place is because carpet is stretched and held in place with grippers. If they cut the carpet you'd have to lay need grippers and restretch the carpet. Obviously this is the 'right' way to do it, but really, a layer of carpet beneath a non-structural stud wall isn't going to cause any problems and it saved hundreds of pounds of work.

Equally, leaving it there is fine. The new carpet fitters will install new grippers alongs the walls and install the new carpets normally. 

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Thanks for the replies. Made me less worried about it.

Interesting about the sound transmission, as I wondered if it would make it worse or not, as it's not a massively soundproof wall.


thanks again,


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