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Site hut power ?

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We got our site hut today, which has a 32 amp commando socket.  We also have a temporary power supply with some standard plugs in an enclosure.


I was hoping that we would be able to get a standard plug to commando socket adaptor with armoured cable and then plug this into the hut.


So something like this:




And then:




Would that work ?? Be safe ??





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SY cable is not really ‘armoured’ - it’s usually used in light industrial settings for yeah some protection but mostly noise screening.


As sites are a risky-ish environment, so you probably should use your own judgement re physical protection (swa / conduit / risk of damage etc) but probably also a decent sparky re correct earthing (i.e. TT with measured impedance), correct rcds, testing the bonding etc.

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Will a 13 amp supply be enough to run what you need in the hut?


Assume the temp power you have available is TT earth (rod) and 30mA RCD fitted? 

Whatever you do, don’t buy that SY cable extension lead. Totally unsuitable for the task. As much as air con guys like to use it outside, it perishes in UV light eventually. Some people seem to think it’s a substitute for SWA! It isn’t. I find it hard to see how they’ve effectively earthed the braiding too. 

It should be something like H07-RNF flex. 

It all depends on the likelihood of damage in the particular situation though. 

Probably best to get some advice off your electrician. 


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