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  1. We are cladding our ICF build with timber and have been looking at Rationel. In order to accommodate ventilation and drainage holes we've been told by ADW that we can't have any cladding in front of the windows. What they have suggested doing is to have a timber packing as per the attached PDF. I'm not sure about this as an approach and was wondering if anyone had any input ? Has anyone on the forum who has used Rationel and clad in timber gone this route ? Pros / cons ? I've not started to look into the details of how other brands would need to be fixed. Is this an approach that I might need to take with other brands also ? 20210524124406.pdf
  2. We've got quotes for Rationale, Internorm and Nordan so far. Are there other brands that people rate ? Apologies if there is a thread already (I did search) . With regards to suppliers we are in Edinburgh. I did like Rationale but as we are going to be doing timber cladding we would need to use timber packers (between the frame and the ICF). My architect isn't really behind this and I'm not sure either. I'd be interested in hearing the views of anyone who has done this. Cheers
  3. It took Edinburgh ten months to approve our planning (came through in February).
  4. We've got a decision in principle from Ecology and they are asking for details of our solicitors. I've asked them what they need the solicitors to do (we've bought the land already and are in Scotland). But all they said is 'independent legal advice'. Can anyone advise please as to what the solicitors would need to do ? I've given Ecology my costings, which has a fair few estimates. They came back and asked for a detailed schedule of works. I asked them how much detail they need / format etc. But they didn't give me much to go on. Any input into this would be really helpful.
  5. Just got a knock back from them earlier today : (
  6. Thanks. it's a bit pesky that they need to know the SAP ratings before talking to you properly. Am going to give them another call tomorrow to try and find out if they would at least lend on the materials.
  7. Hello Scotland. I'm outside Edinburgh in Balerno. Just got planning after ten months. The next hurdle is a mortgage - was hoping to do ICF, Zinc and Larch cladding. But having spoken to Buildstore they are coming back with just the Halifax. Who won't lend a sensible amount of money. Maybe it's based on being self employed rather than the rona... Any suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.
  8. Quoted £662 for gas and £777 for lecy. Here's hoping it is more or less that.
  9. I'm trying to work out what my utilities connection costs are going to be. Any reference points would be appreciated. The road next to my plot has water, gas and electric and is about ten metres away. I'm in the Edinburgh area.
  10. Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations / suggestions for a mortgage broker ? I had an initial chat with Buildstore and gave them high level details of the build, income etc. I've not heard anything from them since , which was over three weeks ago. I've chased them three times now.
  11. Cheers Alister. I might take you up on that. Waiting for a quote back from them.
  12. Does anyone have any recommendations for an ICF builder in Scotland (I'm in the Edinburgh district) at all ? I've been speaking to Frazer in Econekt. But other than that I haven't been able to find anyone else yet.
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