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Damp proofing details

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I'm really quite concerned about the damp proof detailing of my Izodom project. 


The only damp proofing details I have are:








As above there is a gap between the edge of the ICF and the Spantherm floor panels, which doesn't have a DPM / DPC.


I'm surprised that neither have specified something to stop water rising up the walls through the gap, but maybe I don't actually need to worry ? ?


I need to get a barrier in across the whole wall I think ?  The contractor is suggesting having the DPM go through the wall to the outside.. So like this (blue).




I'm not sure that's for the best as the DPM in my mind needs to wrap over the floor build up on top of the Spantherm (insulation , screed  etc). So I'm thinking we need to get a DPC in somewhere across the whole of the wall.


I've only just picked up on this today while they were laying the DPM and Spantherm (which had to be aborted due to groundwork problems) so I need to get get a solution worked out ASAP (presuming I do need to worry).


I'm thinking something like this i.e. a DPC (blue). Going above the floor build up would then mean the DPC would have to be punctured with the rebar, where as below might be too low.



Any advice would be helpful before I go down the late night rabbit hole here : ) 



dpm 4.png

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What does the manufacturer, your architect and the BCO say?

I would be interested in seeing how the BCO approaches this.

My only suggestion is to step it up past the rebar to the first joint in the wall panel but I am not sure if this would affect the structural integrity of the wall panel junction.

This must have come up before - and I’m sure the manufacturer must have details for this?

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Thanks - I had the same thought about stepping it up past the rebar. Something like this.DPM6.png.5f4768cc4e22513261b177f9c937ff6a.png


Good call about trying to follow up with the manufacturer.


I've asked the architect -I believe this is his first ICF project. 


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