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Fixing hole in tile


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A friend dropped a glass bottle on his floor and the bottle survived but has made a hole in the floor. It is on the grout line between to tiles and is about 8mm across on the surface. Though it is small on the surface (entrance wound) it has blown out a large amount of tile under the surface.  On that basis, doesn't look like a great tiling job was done as I would expect it to be nigh on full with adhesive below the tile, but you can tap around the small surface hole and feel a large void beneath.


Anyway, he asked me how to fix it and I thought squirting some epoxy in the hole would be a good idea and then if he was obsessed enough he could paint the top with a colour match to the tile and grout to make it near invisible. Does this sound a good option and if so can anyone recommend a good epoxy choice. I was thinking low viscosity and use a syringe with wide bore needle.


No picture, sorry.

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