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Render board over porch - roof detail


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Hi, I would very much appreciate some help with the following!:


My timber kit porch has been designed with a render board panel above it (it is 1.75 storey timber frame with blockwork/render cladding - apart from the area above the porch). The detail in the plans is poor (and don't make sense to me) and I have had about 3 differing versions on how it gets done. It obviously has to get framed out out to 138mm + 12mm renderboard to bring out to the blockwork at 150mm (100mm block + 50mm cavity) but does anyone have experience of how this has been done regarding the roofwork? Does the flashing go to the renderboard when built out or back to the timberframe and renderboard goes over it?  Plans say lead flashing wraggled in but can you wraggle into renderboard (I thought "wraggling" would be only possible in blockwork unless I have the wrong understanding of what wraggling means!).


Thanks in advance,



Screenshot 2023-11-27 at 17.48.58.png

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It would involve a bit of fiddling but a seperate conrete lintel across the external leaf where it goes into the porch and then insulated it internally would be my preference. Blocks built on top then. 


Render boards there is only asking for cracks down the line in my opinion. 


Alternatively you could move the entire porch outside the heated area of the house and have a second door inside. Much easier to detail thermally and for airtightness. 



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