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Flitch beams

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Hi everyone, 


I need some advise here. We had an inspector today and got her feedback later this afternoon. On the note, she wrote as follows

"Trim 4 on the calculation sheets refers to 3No 47 x200 C24 + 12 x 175 flitch beams whereas the layout plan 002 REVA refers to these as flitch beam type 1 and specifies 2 No 47 x 200 C24 with 12x175 steel plate."  

From my understanding, she was expecting 3 flitch beams instead of 2. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks


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It’s only showing 2 on the plan. She looked at the structural calculations and even though it’s showing 2 flitch on the drawing but the description says 3. So she’s now requesting for confirmation of adequacy as built. 

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