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Rainwater management

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Image explanation
Long blue line: ditch for rain water
Pink: gutter
Orange: underground pipe
Green circles: rain barrels with the tap open
Green lines: hose
Blue circles: water deposits from the hose

Water must not enter the sewer system and must be deposited on the property or in the ditch. The ditch is not very deep so running underground pipes from the north side to the ditch may not allow a fall.

The hoses are there because I'm afraid that the rain barrels will fill up so quickly and then overflow. I'm assuming it's not good to have overflowing water next to the foundation.

It's not ideal to run a lot of hoses across the floor. What possible solutions are there for such a property? Underground storage?


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Well done you. Thats all great.

French drains laid flat or tiny slope will hold a lot of water, especially if you include a perforated pipe which is cheap too. The gravel is about 2/3 stone. 

Then they drain slowly to ground. You can have an outfall end to soakaway, pond or ditch as appropriate.


The water running out of a barrel tap isn't going to undermine the building, but a short pipe away from it is better.

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If its your ditch, you can make it deeper/clean it out and good management of it will solve nearly all your problems.


Could you add in a culvert/new ditch to feed the main one at the rear of the property?


Any pipes entering a ditch I would add a NRV (non return valve) to.

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