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Where can I get an extra small cupboard door restrictor?


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I'm after a cupboard door restrictor for a bathroom cabinet that is only 126mm deep. Accordingly, the restrictor needs to be small enough to fit within that. i was hoping something simple to install that does not require routing of the actual door (since this is made of cheap MDF and is unlikely to router very well - and in any case I don't have a router!)

I found this, but the supplier tells me it is too big to fit: Cupboard Door Restrictor PDF (gjohns.co.uk) (same product also sold by SDS). The door has a mirror on it, but is otherwise pretty lightweight (measures about 45cm wide, by 65cm high and 12mm or so deep).


Can anyone recommend something? I need to restrict the door opening to anything between 85 and 91 degrees.


Before somebody recommends a hinge restrictor, this will be complicated to fit as the hinges that came with the cupboard are not blum or some other standard hinge, and have no brand name on them so I can't find the little stopper that the usual manufacturers make that would have worked. I considered swapping the hinges for blum or hafele ones, but because these aren't standard hinges, I'm not sure the holes in the door will match exactly, so would be much easier to just find a separate cupboard stay.


Perhaps @SteamyTea, @ProDave, @joe90 or somebody else with equally impressive skills can help me out.


Many thanks.

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3 hours ago, SteamyTea said:

Thanks @SteamyTea. i did actually look at ironmongery direct, but wasn't sure anything they had would work. On the first one, this won't work as my carcass frame is not a flush fit with the door.


The second just doesn't make sense to me. Both fixings appear to be fixed on the same plane? If that's right, how is it meant to fix onto something that is in one plane and something which is in a perpendicular plane? Even if it did theoretically work, the reviews for the product are bad.


The third item looks like the best option out of the three (apart from the finish which just won't go with anything in the room). Assuming i could find something similar with a nickel or brushed steel finish, or even chrome (though my optic nerves are allergic to chrome), how wide do you think I could open the cupboard door with such an item. This photo (taken from a review of the item) shows a very narrow angle of less than 50 degrees:




Presumably if I fit it closer to the edge of the door I can get closer to 90?


EDIT: I've just seen they come in multiple finishes: Window Operators | Joinery Hardware | IronmongeryDirect

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