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Composite front door - what to consider?


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I'm looking at buying a composite front door. What should I consider? Below are my thoughts so far.


  • Is there any type of construction I should consider that is better than another e.g. one method may have more warping? E.g. I see some companies do stiles and rails whereas a company like Endurance cut out their doors from one piece? Are there other methods? 
  • Are composite doors made out of different materials? Is there anything I should look for or look to avoid?
  • I'm guessing the fit within the frame is important. Is there something I should look for with a certain manufacturer? Or it this more a reputation thing (if so any recommendations)? Or a fitting thing?
  • I want to get a blue door so I don't want the colour to scratch off easily (particularly as I have a young child and another on the way). I'm guessing there are different ways to colour a door (e.g. I saw something about foil wrapping). What are the methods and is which is most scratch resistant?
  • I've considered u values. From what I understand the building standards now say that they need to u=1.4. If this is correct, this is ok with me. I've decided it won't make much difference to my house but if I can get a better u-value without spending extravagant amounts more, this is a bonus. My question is, do you think any companies are actually not meeting this u value standard? 
  • I've looked at a lot of door company reviews and all the companies I have read about seem to have pretty damning reviews. Are there any companies that are clearly better (without spending in the high end bracket)?
  • What else should I consider?


Thanks in advance for any help you may have. I'm in the fairly confused stage at the moment so appreciate anyone who can give me some guidance. 



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Things you need from your door.


Draft proof, consider a full door set, so frame and door, with double seals. Get a mail box not a letter box.


Get as good a u value as you can. But most of all make sure it's draft free.


Our door was made a local company , they also made the windows; it's basically looks like a modern door, made with a wooden frame, infilled with insulation and a wooden skin either side - U value is 1.0. 


Nothing is scratch resistant - if they say it is, they are telling porkies. Treat it well and don't abuse it, it's going to cost you and your wife a fair bit.

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We took some time to see as many doors as we could from several suppliers. We saw some truly deadful doors that were stiles and rails with foam filled cavities. If you open and close these doors next to their solidly-built equivalents.


We went for a solidor in the end, primarily for one of the same concerns that you raised - scratch resistance. What we were told (assuming true) is that solidor's outer shell is through-coloured and very tough (described by one salesman as the same as a lego brick. This was a major consideration when we selected what turned out to be a quite expensive door





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A neighbour was advised by the company that fitted his Composite Front Door not to have a dark colour as the front of the house gets full sun for most of the morning....due to fading of colour and heat expansion. However he chose to ignore the advice at his own risk....the door does stick in the frame during high temperatures and after 4 or 5 years the dark grey colour (almost black) is beginning to fade a little.

From memory I think the door make was:- Door-Stop International.


A friend had an Endurance composite door fiited as the brochure/website spec seemed to suggest it was less likely to warp than the similar Solidor composite door due to the different method of construction. It has not warped out of tolerance so far but the outer shell cracked after 2 years for no reason, the company that installed it had gone out of business but Endurance did eventually agree to replace it under their warranty.

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the coloured ones are not usually painted they are just thick solid plastic sheets stuck over the inside material,

the cheap ones are foam filled and the expensive ones are wood inside. then you get metal ones which are handy if you sell drugs.

if you go looking in the showroom look at the bottom of the door to see if you can see the wood where they have just cut the slab to height.

coloured frames are foil wrapped not the door itself.

ive seen some of the lesser ones with mushrooms growing out them where water has got inside.

mine is prostitute red and expands and sticks in the sunlight. don't buy an open outwards as they are wild when its windy and you bash all the delivery drivers.

mine is just from Eurocell and was about £650 pre covid.

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