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New MVHR install, but have sound issues? Any ideas on a solution?

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1 hour ago, dpmiller said:

has the system been correctly commissioned and balanced?

Yes It has. Its. Noise at the unit in attic is issue, seems to be noisiest at duct to outside expelling house air. Running at 45% fine, 50%  bit noisy.


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We have a MVHR with silencers, can still hear it at 40% or higher. We set it at 15% for background ventilation, 75% boost and just let it do it's thing.


When Humidity is higher outside it can sit at higher (30 - 50%) and it is audible but you get used to it eventually.


If it becomes a problem, we raise the humidity allowance to 70% or something and it drops itself back down to something very low and inaudible.

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