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Bedding wall plate directly on steel PFC

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Our garage has steel PFC that forms a lintel over an approx 2.4m opening.  The wall plate is running directly above it, and drawings make no mention on how this is attached.  Can it just be bedded on mortar in exactly the same way as it is on the adjacent masonry, or does it need a bolted connection?

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Why would you bed it in mortar?

I would normally see the wall plate bolted to the top of the beam and not mortared.


Check with your architect/SE but I would expect the bolt fixings to be staggered.

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1 minute ago, nod said:

I always bolt while the steel is on the floor Don’t use any mortar or packings 


Apologies for the photo 35C hottest day of the year in bright sunlight 

The Timbers are bolted every 600 Alternating between sides 

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