Building Regs / Construction drawings - what is needed?

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8 minutes ago, Ed_MK said:

THEM £2800 inc VAT (Warranty)


Unless you need this for Mortgage purposes, as you say it isn't worth the paper it is printed on.  I originally took one out but canceled during construction as they were getting increasingly demanding, changes post the agreed plan as ICF is novel to them.  As I have an Architect (AT but close enough) and he has professional indemnity insurance of over 2 million, he works on larger projects, my Mortgage company were happy with that professional indemnity insurance.


Personally ask yourself is it worth it/ do I need it?

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the company supplying my timber frame seems to think it IS worth something.

I have asked what the situation is regarding guarantees on the frame, and they 

have said that faults later are more than likely down to foundations and therefore it would be

advisable to take the insurance out.


The problem is (unless I am reading the terms wrong) ...int h first 2 years and REAL faults
will be diverted back to the supplying tradesman/company anyway ....and they will not pay out.


They also advised that SHOULD we decide to sell in less than 10 years (which i don't think we will)

the new buyers would not be able to get a mortgage without the warranty.


So it raises another 2 questions for me


1,  doesn't the completion certificate and sign off from the BCO count as technically a "warranty of sorts" 
or at least an assurance?


2. If we want to sell, can we retrospectively get the warranty? ...bearing in mind we have the BCO sign offs which 
come from the same company anyway LABC?



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