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wanted - Simpson ICF hangers ICFVL-CW

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Simpson have a production issue which could create an 8 week delay for me 

On the off chance , doesn't anybody have some spare ICFVL-CW hangers ? (red arrow in pic to be clear 🙂 )

details here


Any number would be greatly appreciated and can be replaced later if needed etc




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1 minute ago, Russell griffiths said:

Can you not use the Nudura ones. 

have already placed first half of Simpson. Not sure you can mix n match ? I can workaround with supports but ideally want to perm fix. 

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We have found that the Engineer tends to select a Simpson product as a habit.

One costed £42 each so we suggested an alternative at £4.  "Fine".

A rafter hanger at £19.   Replaced by a standard one at 62p.


x 30 and x 80 that saved us a lot of£.


However nicely designed, it is  a bracket, so check for alternative manufacturers.

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